2019 Russek Day Awards

On April 26th, we celebrated Henry I. Russek Student Achievement Day 2019, and the Russek Award Nominating Committee and the Russek Executive Committee announced the winner of this year’s Graduate Program in Genetics and Genomics award! We want to start by thanking the nominating committee for their efforts, and we especially want to thank all of the applicants and presenters for their contributions.

Genetics and Genomics Program

1st Prize– Stefanie Chan;  Dr. Perissi’s Lab

Stefanie Chan is a PhD candidate in the Graduate Program for Genetics and Genomics and was selected for her 1st place prize at the Henry I. Russek Student Achievement Day 2019 with her research on “The Role of GPS2 in the PI3K/AKT Pathway in Breast Cancer.”

The Graduate Program in Genetics and Genomics is proud to recognize Stefanie for being a 2019 Henry I. Russek Student Achievement Day first prize award recipient.

Congratulations, Stefanie, and our additional students who presented posters, Gian (poster #62) and Jiayi (poster #15)!

Russek Day 2019 Posters!


GPGG student Gian Sepulveda presenting his research at Russek Day 2019


GPGG Student, Stefanie Chan, with Dr. Shelly Russek


Guest Speaker, Dr. Xiowei Zhuang, an HHMI Investigator from Harvard presented “Illuminating Biology at the Nanoscale and Systems Scale by Imaging”


Stefanie Chan presenting her research that won a 1st place prize for the Graduate Program in Genetics & Genomics at Russek Day 2019!

GPGG Student Social Outing

On March 31, 2019, the Graduate Program in Genetics and Genomics took out the students for a genetics and genomics related social activity! They started out the day with lunch at a local Irish pub, The Asgard, and later made their way to a performance at Central Square Theater, called Photograph 51. This play illustrated the challenges that women in science have faced in the past and the present, and discusses the constant competitive race to publish. In the performance, Dr. Rosalind Franklin's "DNA discovery leads to the Nobel Prize – not for her, but for three men: Francis Crick, James Dewey Watson, and Maurice Wilkins" and highlights the chase to map the DNA molecule. This production tastefully promoted conversation on the challenges of gender bias in the scientific community and even delved deeper into the #MeToo movement.  Overall, the outing was a success with good food and good company, topped off with stimulating conversation.

GPGG Student Internship Experience

August 26, 2018

A current GPGG Student, Jiayi Wu Cox, has had the amazing opportunity of an industrial internship with Biogen Cambridge where she was able to apply her genetics and genomics education in a workplace setting. Her duties incorporated performing statistical tests on human DNA mutations to infer disease-causing variants, fine mapping the disease-causing loci, finding the impact of human mutations on gene expression level change, differential gene expression profiling, and network analysis. For more information on her experience, check out her blog post about it here!