Fall 2022 Student Social

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This past Friday GPGG headed over to Room Escapers “Organized Crime” room to help the FBI put away one of Boston’s most notorious gangs. Students put their minds together and were able to solve the case with 10 minutes to spare! 

GPGG Axe Throwing Summer Adventure!

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Last Thursday, GPGG ventured over to Urban Axes to participate in an axe throwing round robin and tournament. Congratulations to Erin in the round robin and Eddie in the overall tournament! Students learned the proper techniques in the double and one hand throws. After such a great event, students are gearing up to take on the Fall semester!

Congratulations to Russek Student Achievement Winners 2022!

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The 28th Annual Henry I. Russek Student Achievement Day was hosted by GMS last Friday in which Megan Snyder (first-prize recipient)  and Jiaji George Chen (second-prize recipient) were recognized for their achievement. Megan gave a talk concerning "Malignant cell expression of the aryl hydrocarbon receptor induces PD-L1 and immunosuppression in models of oral and lung cancer" (Genetics and Genomics, Advisor: D. Sherr). George presented during the poster session on "3D Spatial Omic Profiling to Unravel TNBC." Congratulations to our student award winners: Megan and George!

GPGG Candlepin Bowling Outing

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GPGG went to Candlepin Bowling this past Sunday as a end-of-the-year outing! Candlepin bowling is a variation of bowling that is played with a handheld-sized ball and tall, narrow pins that resemble candles, hence the name. Candlepin bowling was invented in the 1880s in a local bowling center and billiards parlor in nearby Worcester so it is a Boston classic. We had a blast and everyone agreed that candlepin bowling is much harder than traditional bowling! 

GPGG Trivia Night

Students met up February 17th for a post Valentine's Day trivia showdown. Megan, our master of all things trivia hosted. The rivalry between students continues as Taylor and Riley tied for first with Rachel coming in second! Tune in next time to see who is the ultimate trivia winner! 

GPGG Takes to the Seas!

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On Saturday December 11th, our students headed to the New England Aquarium to check out all their sea creatures. Favorites included the penguins, bioluminescent comb jellies, rock lobsters, tree frogs, and a giant sea turtle named Myrtle! We headed to the North End after for a "light" lunch of tasty pasta! It was a great way to wrap up our busy fall semester.

GPGG Fall Trivia Night

Our students met up on October 18th for a fall-themed trivia led by our very own trivia master, Megan. Program leadership came out on top as the winners with Riley (our student worker) coming in in first place, Kimberlin (our program admin) in second place, and Dr. Dasgupta (our program director) in third place! Fun was had by all accompanied with bubble tea, mediterranean wraps, and lots of Halloween candy.

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Congratulations to our 2020 graduates!

On the first weekend of October, our 2020 grads finally got to have their in-person graduation ceremony. We are very proud of all the hard work you did at BU and cannot wait to see where the future takes you.

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Student Kayaking Trip

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On Friday September 10th, GPGG students took to exploring the Charles River by kayak. We had perfect weather and even better company!

GPGG Cooking Class with BMC’s Teaching Kitchen

On June 1st, GPGG meet virtually with Olivia Weinstein, the culinary director of Boston Medical Center's Teaching Kitchen, to learn how to make chorizo soy tacos! Olivia's mission is to provide patients with medically and culturally appropriate food from their Preventive Food Pantry, fresh produce from BMC's Roof Top Farm, and culinary skills and nutrition education from the Teaching Kitchen. No pictures were taken because everyone was too busy enjoying our delicious (and healthy) tacos!