GPGG Cooking Class with BMC’s Teaching Kitchen

On June 1st, GPGG meet virtually with Olivia Weinstein, the culinary director of Boston Medical Center's Teaching Kitchen, to learn how to make chorizo soy tacos! Olivia's mission is to provide patients with medically and culturally appropriate food from their Preventive Food Pantry, fresh produce from BMC's Roof Top Farm, and culinary skills and nutrition education from the Teaching Kitchen. No pictures were taken because everyone was too busy enjoying our delicious (and healthy) tacos!

Congratulations, Russek Student Achievement Winners 2021

Please join us in congratulating GPGG winners Taylor Matte (1st place), Gian Sepulveda (2nd place), and Megan Snyder (3rd place)! These awards celebrate students who have created impactful thesis research within their chosen topic.

Taylor Matte gave an in-depth talk to the GMS community on Friday May 7th on MODELING THE TRANSCRIPTOMIC AND EPIGENETIC LANDSCAPE OF LUNG SPECIFICATION (Genetics and Genomics, Advisor: F. Hawkins):


Gian Sepulveda hosted a poster session on Thursday May 6th on C-MYC ACTIVATION BY A DOT1LSTIMULATED PROTEOLYTIC CLEAVAGE:





Congratulations on all your hard work and dedication!

Congratulations, Taylor!

Please join us in congratulating Taylor Matte on passing his Doctoral Qualifying Exam on January 27th. The exam is to evaluate the student's ability to apply and synthesize the skills and knowledge acquired during graduate study. It is an important benchmark in a PhD student's progress towards candidacy! Taylor fielded many rigorous questions from his examining committee, and passed with flying colors. Congrats, Taylor! GPGG is proud of you and all your hard work. 

GPGG Trivia Night

GPGG hosted a post-lab day wind down round of trivia for our students Wednesday night. Megan was a wonderful host and game master. She put together six rounds of six questions complete with audio and visual rounds! Of course, some were STEM, medicine, and BUSM themed. It was a tight race through all the random knowledge with Taylor coming out on top as the winner with a whooping 37 points out of 50! Dr. Dasgupta was close behind Taylor in second place. Fun times were had by all!

Anti-Racism Interview with Third Year GPGG Student, Taylor!

Check out this 10-minute interview with our very own, Taylor Matte, as he talks about his work with Boston University's School of Medicine's Anti-Racism Task Force. Taylor represents all of the PhD students on the panel. Taylor talks about a major project that the task force is working on, in which he is spearheading,  instructing the upcoming BUSM-MedSci Program (MSP) - a program that intends to give underrepresented high school students an opportunity to be exposed to various clinical and basic science topics.  This is also closely associated with the work Taylor did with the Boston Area Health Education Center (BAHEC), whose goal is similar. Taylor also gives some great advice to other genetics professionals (or anyone really!) about some steps to take to be anti-racist in your everyday work. Here is the most recent update from the task force as well.

GPGG Cookie Bake-Off and Social

Our students competed in a science cookie bake-off at the end of December 2020. Students were provided cookie cutters from the program and instructed to document their baking journey in a lab journal format. Emily Sparago was voted our winner with her beautiful sugar cookies. Congratulations Emily! Enjoy the entries below and see attached document for our GPGG Holiday Recipe book!



Congratulations, Megan!

Please join us in congratulating Megan Snyder on passing her Doctoral Qualifying Exam on November 25th. The exam is to evaluate the student's ability to apply and synthesize the skills and knowledge acquired during graduate study. It is an important benchmark in a PhD student's progress towards candidacy. She fielded many rigorous questions from her examining committee, and she remained cool as a cucumber the entire time. Congrats, Megan! GPGG is proud of you and all your hard work!

Virtual Student Social

Our students Megan, Dylan, David, Gian Paolo, and Stefanie got together on Zoom to play the game Among Us, a strategy game where players have to work together to figure out who is the impostor. We are grateful for technology to allow us to still build memories while being 6 feet (or more) apart!

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Pumpkin Carving Student Social

GPGG students David, Taylor, and Megan carved pumpkins on the BUSM lawn to get into the Halloween spirit and to appreciate one of our last warm days. Our students' skills go beyond the lab, check out those carving designs! We love finding this time to be together!

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Recent Student Defense

Stefanie Chan successfully defended her thesis titled “Targeting Triple Negative Breast Cancer  (TNBC) Subpopulations to Elucidate Novel Targeted Therapies” on September 11, 2020. While it was over Zoom, Stefanie did a great job and talked about the community BU has been for her. Congratulations, Stefanie!