Respiratory Viruses: A Focus on COVID-19


Markus Bosmann (, Pulmonary Center; Mohsan Saeed (, NEIDL


SARS-CoV-2 has caused a global pandemic, leading to an unprecedented public health crisis within a few months. There is an urgent need to gain better insights into the pathogenesis of localized SARS-CoV-2 infection in the lung and its distant organ complications. In this Affinity Research Collaborative (ARC), a multi-disciplinary researcher team of Boston University (BUMC, CRC) will develop and test novel cell cultures systems to dissect how this virus invades the lung and other organs, how it replicates inside cells, and how it is recognized and counteracted by the host immune defence. Using mouse models of the disease, studies will also focus on life-threatening complications, such as Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), sepsis, multi-organ failure, coagulopathy, and the role of co-infections, co-morbidities, sex and age. These directions will serve as a translational platform for pre-clinical models of SARS-CoV-2 infection to design innovative diagnostics, preventive agents and facilitate the drug development process. Bidirectional translational interactions between basic scientists, clinicians and epidemiologists will be embedded in the existing infrastructures, science networks and the collaborative culture of BU. In a broader perspective, this ARC initiative aspires to strengthen the preparedness for outbreaks of contagious respiratory viruses in the future. Hence, we envision this ARC platform to set the stage for self-sustaining extramurally funded research programs of other respiratory viral illnesses modelled on investigative pursuits carried out here.


Markus Bosmann, MD, Pulmonary Center Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
Mohsan Saeed, PhD, NEIDL, Biochemistry
Yuriy Alekseyev, PhD, Clinical Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
Konstantinos Dionysios Alysandratos, MD, PhD, Pulmonary Center, CReM
Nahid Bhadelia, MD, Infectious Disease
Eric Burks, MD, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
Joshua Campbell, PhD, Computational Biomedicine
David Center, MD, CTSI Director, Pulmonary Center
Kevin Chandler, PhD, Biochemistry
Vipul Chitalia, MD, Medicine, Nephrology
John Connor, PhD, NEIDL, Microbiology
Rena Conti, PhD, Questrom, Markets, Public Policy & Law
Ronald Corley, PhD, NEIDL Director
Catherine Costello, PhD, Center for Biomedical Mass Spectrometry Director
Nicholas Crossland, DVM, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
Robert Davey, PhD, NEIDL, Microbiology
Florian Douam, PhD, NEIDL, Microbiology
Andrew Emili, PhD, Biology
Alan Fine, MD, Pulmonary
Valerie Gouon-Evans, PhD,PharmD, Gastroenterology, CReM
Anthony Griffiths, PhD, NEIDL, Microbiology
Rahm Gummuluru, PhD, NEIDL, Developmental Core Director, Providence/Boston Center for AIDS Res (Prov/Bos CFAR)
Finn Hawkins, MBBCh, Medicine CReM
Adam Hume, PhD, NEIDL, Microbiology
Elaine Hylek, MD, General Internal Medicine
Laertis Ikonomou, PhD, CReM, Pulmonary Center
Yang Jin, MD, PhD, Medicine
Matthew Jones, PhD, Pulmonary Center
Darrell Kotton, MD, CReM, Pulmonary Center
Weining Lu, MD, MS, FASN, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
Sarah Anne Mazzilli, PhD, Computational Biomedicine
Jay Mizgerd, ScD, Pulmonary, Microbiology
Gustavo Mostoslavsky, PhD, Gastroenterology, CReM
Elke Mühlberger, PhD, NEIDL, Microbiology, Biomolecule Production Core Director
Lee Quinton, PhD, Medicine
Nader Rahimi, PhD, Pathology
Vasan Ramachandran, MD, Preventative Medicine & Epidemiology Section Chief
Katya Ravid, DSc, Medicine, Biochemistry, Whitaker Cardiovascular Center, Boston University Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research Office & Evans Center for Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research Director
Daniel Remick, MD, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
Francesca Seta, PhD, Vascular Biology, Whitaker Cardiovascular Institute, Metabolic Phenotyping & IVIS Imaging Core Director
Katrina Traber, Md, PhD, Medicine
Xaralabos ‘Bob’ Varelas, PhD, Biochemistry
Ruby Wang, MD, Pulmonary Medicine
Andrew Wilson, MD, CReM, Pulmonary
Grace Zhao, MD, PhD, Chief & Vice Chair for Anatomic Pathology, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine