More about INEBRIA


INEBRIA (International Network on Brief Interventions for Alcohol Problems) was created by group of researchers interested in promoting alcohol screening and brief interventions across the world and is based in Catalonia, Spain.
INEBRIA’s overall aim is to promote the implementation of brief interventions in a variety of settings for hazardous and harmful alcohol consumption at local, national and international levels.

Membership to the INEBRIA Network is open to any individual with a bona fide and active interest in conducting research on or implementing in practice alcohol brief interventions. Membership is free, and includes:

  • A discount on the annual conference registration fee (to be held in Barcelona in 2012).
  • A¬†biannual e-bulletin containing the latest information in the field of Screening and Brief Intervention (SBI) and Early Identification Brief Intervention (EIBI).
  • Access to a network of experts in the field for collaboration opportunities.
  • Access to an extensive bibliographic database.
  • Early notification of a special journal issue dedicated to the annual INEBRIA conference.
  • The opportunity to join¬†the INEBRIA Google Group to receive regular updates and information on SBI and EIBI around the world.

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To read (full, free access) the November 2010 Drug and Alcohol Review Special Issue on Alcohol Brief Interventions: Breaking New Ground, which highlights the 7th annual INEBRIA Conference proceedings, follow this link: