INEBRIA Conference Program and Speakers


8th Annual International Network on Brief Interventions for Alcohol Problems (INEBRIA) Conference: September 21-23, 2011



INEBRIA Conference Program

September 21, Wednesday: AOD-SBI Meeting

  • Morning and afternoon plenary sessions featuring large alcohol and drug SBI implementation efforts
  • Oral Abstract Presentations
  • Small Group Discussions

Click here to view a detailed  program for the AOD-SBI Meeting, including speakers.

5:30pm INEBRIA Conference: New Frontiers—Translating Science to Enhance Health
  • Welcome to Massachusetts: JudyAnn Bigby, MD, Massachusetts Secretary of Health and Human Services
  • Evening Welcome Reception
September 22, Thursday:

7:00am: Registration/sign-in and continental breakfast (Liberty Ballroom and lobby)

8:00am: INEBRIA Conference Opening Keynote: Widespread and routine alcohol brief interventions in practice: The bigger picture (Nick Heather, PhD)

9:15am: Plenary and Audience Debate: What we know and don’t know about BI effectiveness (Richard Saitz, MD, MPH)

10:45am: Best Abstract Plenary

11:45am: Buffet Lunch on the Rotundas

1:00pm: Oral Abstract, Symposia and Workshop Presentations (5 simultaneous sessions):

Concurrent Session 1

Oral Presentation Session 1


The Role of Drug Use in Brief Alcohol Interventions: A Multi-Ethnic/Racial Analysis

Presenting author: Craig Field, PhD, MPH

Co-authors: Gerald Cochran, Raul Caetano


Screening and Brief Intervention for Patients with Tobacco and At-risk Alcohol Use in a Dental Setting

Presenting author: Bonnie McRee, PhD, MPH

Co-authors: Thomas Babor, Frances Del Boca, Janice Vendetti, Cheryl Oncken, Howard Bailit, Joseph Burleson


Screening and brief interventions for alcohol use in surgical oncology unit: framework, educational program and qualitative analysis of the implementation process

Presenting author: Marion Barrault

Co-authors: Marianne Saint Jacques, Gilliard Jérôme, Grados Clarisse, Garguil Véronique, Anne Boyer, Lakdja Fabrice, Bussieres Emmanuel


The development of pharmacy brief intervention practice: overview of a research programme
Presenting author: Ranjita Dhital, BSc, MSc
Co-authors: Ian J. Norman, Natasha S. Khan, Jim McCambridge, Peter Milligan


A pilot study of alcohol Screening and Brief Interventions (SBIs) in Community Pharmacy

Presenting author: Niamh Fitzgerald, BScPharm, PhD

Co-authors: D. Stewart, M. Jaffray, J. Inch, E. Duncan, E. Afolabi, A. Ludbrook


Alcohol Brief Intervention (BI) Delivered in UK Community Pharmacies: Customers’ Experiences

Presenting author: Cate Whittlesea, PhD, MSc Econ, BScPharm

Co-authors: Ranjita Dhital, Ian Norman


Concurrent Session 2

Oral Presentation Session 2


Back to the Future: A very brief history of brief interventions

Presenting author: Jim McCambridge, PhD

Co-authors: John Cunningham, Kypros Kypri


How does brief motivational intervention works? A mediation analysis

Presenting author: Jacques Gaume, MA, PhD

Co-authors: Nicolas Bertholet, Mohamed Faouzi, Gerhard Gmel, Jean-Bernard Daeppen


Do research assessments make college students more reactive to alcohol events?

Presenting author: Molly Magill, PhD

Co-authors: Christopher Kahler, Peter Monti, Nancy Barnett


Alcohol screening, Brief Interventions and Stepped Care with Older Alcohol Users.

Presenting author: Ruth McGovern, BA Hons Social Studies, DipSW, PG Dip Counselling, MA Counselling, PhD Sociology

Co-authors: Simon Coulton, Jude Watson, Martin Bland, Colin Drummond, Eileen Kaner, Christine Godfrey, Alan Hassey, Dorothy Newbury-Birch


Predictive Value of Readiness, Importance, and Confidence in Ability to Change Drinking and Smoking

Presenting author: Nicolas Bertholet, MD, MSc

Co-authors: Jacques Gaume, Mohamed Faouzi, Jean-Bernard Daeppen, Gerhard Gmel


Relatively drunk: subjective intoxication and estimated health consequences of alcohol consumption are conditional on the presence of less intoxicated individuals, not level of intoxication

Presenting author: Simon Moore, BSc, PhD

Co-authors: Alex Wood, Gordon Brown, Jonathan Shepherd


Concurrent Session 3

Workshop Presentation 1


Implementing SBI in School-Based Health Centers

Presenting author: Enid Watson, MDiv

Co-authors: Carol D. Girard, Adam Stoler


Concurrent Session 4

Workshop Presentation 2


NIDA Clinical Trials Network (CTN) Electronic Health Records Project: Public Opportunity for Input into Standardized Common Data Elements for Drug Abuse Treatment
Facilitator: Udi Ghitza, PhD

Co-authors: Betty Tai, Thomas McLellan, Robert Lindblad, Robert Gore-Langton, Steven Sparenborg, Richard Saitz


Concurrent Session 5

Symposium Presentation 1


SBI implementation strategies in 4 Mediterranean Countries (Italy, Portugal and Slovenia and Catalonia): Key elements, commonalities, lessons learnt and the way forward

Discussant: Joan Colom, MD


Early detection and brief intervention for hazardous and harmful drinkers in PHC in Italy: Evaluation of the strategies, activities and experiences of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità

Presenting author: Emanuele Scafato

Co-authors: S. Ghirini, A. Rossi, L. Galuzzo, S. Martire, L. Di Pasquale, Claudia Gandin


Alcohol-related problems and primary care in Portugal: The state of the art

Presenting author: Cristina Ribeiro

Co-authors: n/a


Brief interventions for drink driver offenders in Slovenia

Presenting author: Marko Kolsek

Co-authors: n/a


Facilitators and obstacles in the institutionalization of EIBI in Catalonia

Presenting author: Lídia Segura

Co-authors: Estela Diaz, Jorge   Palacio, Rosa Freixedas, Nuria Bastida, Eulalia Duran, Antoni Gual, Joan Colom


2:45pm: Plenary with Moderated Audience Discussion: Implementation of SBI in the US Department of Veterans Affairs Health Care System: Lessons Learned (Katharine Bradley, MD, MPH)

3:15pm: Best Abstract Plenary Presentation

4:15pm: Poster Session and Best Poster Award

6:30pm: Conference Dinner at the Museum of Science, Boston Includes: Opening reception and welcoming remarks, full access to Blue Wing exhibits, a Theater of Electricity lightning show, buffet dinner and music. Located a convenient walk from the conference venue along Boston’s beautiful Charles River. For more information on the conference dinner, click here.

September 23, Friday:

7:00am: Registration/sign-in and continental breakfast (Liberty Ballroom and lobby)

8:00am: Plenary: Self-Change: Findings and Implications for the Treatment of Addictive Behaviors (Linda Sobell, PhD)


9:15am: Oral Abstract, Symposia and Workshop Presentations:

Concurrent Session 6

Oral Presentation Session 3


Com-BI-ne: preliminary results of a feasibility trial of brief intervention to improve alcohol consumption and co-morbid outcomes in hypertensive or depressed primary care patients

Presenting author: Ruth McGovern PhD

Co-authors: Graeme Wilson, Catherine Wray, Dorothy Newbury-Birch, Elaine McColl, Chris Speed, Anne Crosland, Paul Cassidy, Dave Tomson, Shona Haining, Eileen Kaner


A randomised trial of brief intervention strategies in patients with alcohol related facial trauma sustained as a result of interpersonal violence

Presenting author: Christine Goodall, BSc BDS FHEA PhD FDS (OS) RCPSG

Co-authors: Adrian Bowman, Iain Smith, Alex Crawford, Lisa Collin, Ian Holland, Andrew Carton, Fiona Oakey, Ashraf Ayoub


Relationship between Organizational Climate and Activities to Prevent the Use of Risk of Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs among professionals in Primary Health Care

Presenting author: Erica Cruvinel, Masters Degree

Co-authors: Telmo Ronzani, Ronaldo Bastos


Setting-specific factors influencing trajectories of alcohol consumption in untreated control groups in early intervention studies for problematic drinking

Presenting author: Gallus Bischof, Ph.D., Dipl. Psych.

Co-authors: Jennis Freyer-Adam, Christian Meyer, John Ulrich, Hans-Juergen Rumpf


Assessment of the SBIRT Implementation Impact in attitudinal changes and moralization of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs

Presenting author: Telmo Ronzani, PhD

Co-authors: Marina Oliveira, Daniela Mota, Erica Cruvinel, Tamires Laport, Leonarrdo Martins


Institutionalizing SBIRT in Community Health Centers: The Baltimore Project

Presenting author: Marla Oros, RN, MS

Co-authors: Yngvild Olsen, Colleen Hosler


Concurrent Session 7

Oral Presentation Session 4


National education and implementations initiatives in the field of alcohol and its effect on perceived competence and clinical practice in Swedish primary care.

Presenting author: Fredrik Spak, MD, PhD

Co-authors: Magnus Geirsson, Marika Holmqvist, Preben Bendtsen, Per Nilsen


Brief FASD prevention intervention: Russian physicians’ skills demonstrated in an educational and a clinical trial in Russia

Presenting author: Tatiana Balachova, PhD

Co-authors: Barbara Bonner, Vladimir Shapkait, Galina Isurina, Larissa Tsvetkova, Irina Grandilevskaya


SBI Training for HIV Healthcare Workers in sub-Saharan Africa

Presenting author: Richard Spence, PhD

Co-authors: n/a


Colorado’s Ryan White SBIRT Collaborative Project: Screening and brief intervention for substance use in HIV/AIDS case management and healthcare settings

Presenting author: Leigh Fischer, MPH

Co-authors: n/a


Integration of early identification and brief intervention in frontline health services : The case of Quebec.

Presenting author: Marianne Saint-Jacques, Ph.D. Psychology

Co-authors: Thomas G. Brown, Sarah Filion-Bilodeau, John Topp, David Ross, Lucie Legault


A brief intervention targeting primary care physicians’ prescribing of pharmacotherapies for alcohol dependence: can it impact on their prescribing behaviour and reduce hospital inpatient admissions?

Presenting author: Anthony Shakeshaft

Co-authors: n/a


Concurrent Session 8

Workshop Presentation 3


Assessment Reactivity and Related Methodological Issues for Brief Intervention Trials

Facilitator: Jim McCambridge, PhD

Co-authors: Kypros Kypri, John Witton, Diana Elbourne


Concurrent Session 9

Workshop Presentation 4


Mainstreaming Alcohol Brief Interventions in Diverse Settings

Facilitator: Niamh Fitzgerald, PhD

Co-authors: n/a


Concurrent Session 10

Symposium Presentation 2


Innovative methodologies for testing SBIRT in six emergency departments:  The Clinical Trials Network’s SMART-ED Trial

Discussant: Harold Perl, PhD


Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) for Drug and Alcohol Related Health Problems in Emergency Departments (ED): Review of Outcomes, Implementations, and Cost

Presenting author: Daniel Fischer, M.Ed

Co-authors: Dennis Donovan, Alyssa Forceheimes, Michael Bogenschutz


Alcohol-SMART-ED Study Design to Examine the Role of Assessment Reactivity in SBIRT

Presenting author: Dennis Donovan, PhD

Co-authors: Michael Bogenschutz, Harold Perl, Alyssa Forceheimes, Byron Adinoff, Raul Mandler, Neal Oden


Factors associated with effective implementation of SBIRT delivered in an emergency department setting

Presenting author: Alyssa Forceheimes, PhD

Co-authors: Cameron Crandall, Michael Bogenschutz, Dennis Donovan, Bob Lindblad, Robrina Walker


Screening Procedures to Identify Problematic Substance Users in Medical Emergency Departments

Presenting author: Michael Bogenschutz, MD

Co-authors: Dennis Donovan, Cameron Crandall, Robert Lindblad, Raul Mandler, Harold Perl, Alyssa Forceheimes


Concurrent Session 11

Symposium Presentation 3


SIPS symposium: The effectiveness and cost effectiveness of alcohol screening and brief interventions from the SIPS research programme in England

Discussant: Colin Drummond, MD


A Randomised Controlled Trial of Different Methods of Alcohol Screening and Brief Interventions in Routine Accident and Emergency Department Care (SIPS-ED) – 12M outcomes

Presenting author: Paolo Deluca, PhD

Co-authors: Colin Drummond, Simon Coulton, Eileen Kaner, Dorothy Newbury-Birch, Tom Phillips, Katherine Perryman, Nick Heather, Christine Godfrey


Screening and brief alcohol intervention in routine primary care in the UK: SIPS trial 12 month outcomes

Presenting author: Eileen Kaner, PhD

Co-authors: Colin Drummond, Paolo Deluca, Dorothy Newbury-Birch, Simon Coulton,


A Randomised Controlled Trial of Different Methods of Alcohol Screening and Brief Interventions in Routine Probation Settings (SIPS-CJS) – 12M outcomes

Presenting author: Dorothy Newbury-Birch, PhD

Co-authors: Eileen Kaner, Paolo Deluca, Simon Coulton


The utility of different screening methods to detect hazardous drinking and alcohol use disorders in the SIPS research programme

Presenting author: Simon Coulton, M.Sc

Co-authors: Colin Drummond, Paolo Deluca, Eileen Kaner, Dorothy Newbury-Birch, Katherine Perryman, Tom Phillips

11:00am: Annual General Meeting of the INEBRIA Network (all conference participants are invited to attend)

12:15pm: Buffet Lunch on the Rotundas

1:45pm: Plenary: Electronic forms of alcohol screening and brief intervention (Kypros Kypri, PhD)

2:45pm: Oral Abstract, Symposia and Workshop Presentations:

Concurrent Session 12

Oral Presentation Session 5


Evaluation of rollout of alcohol brief interventions in health and social care teams following multi-disciplinary training.

Presenting author: Niamh Fitzgerald, BScPharm, PhD

Co-authors: Heather Molloy, Fiona MacDonald


Evaluation of a training program on EIBI and cardiovascular risk in Italian GPs

Presenting author: Pierluigi Struzzo

Co-authors: Luigi Canciani, Alberto Gianmarini Barsanti


Implementation of screening tools and brief intervention by health professionals trained by a distance learning course

Presenting author: Ana Paula L. Carneiro, Bachelor

Co-authors: Maria Lucia O. Souza-Formigoni, Eroy A. Silva, Paulina CAV Duarte


Impact of a distance learning training of health professionals on substance use screening and brief intervention on their beliefs and attitudes related to drug use and users

Presenting author: Denise DeMicheli, Bachelor

Co-authors: Monica Maino, Jose Carlos Fernandes Galduroz, Yone Moura, Paulina AV Duarte, Maria Lucia O Souza-Formigoni


Primary care based facilitated access to alcohol reduction websites – a potential solution to the “know do” gap in primary care?

Presenting author: Paul Wallace, MSc FRCGP FFPHM

Co-authors: Leo Pas, Pierluigi Struzzo


Therapist Effects on Client Drinking Across Four Motivational Interviewing Sessions: A Longitudinal Analysis of Process Predictors

Presenting author: Molly Magill, PhD

Co-authors: Robert Stout, Timothy Apodaca


Concurrent Session 13

Oral Presentations 6


RCT of the effectiveness of electronic mail based alcohol intervention with university students: dismantling the assessment and feedback components

Presenting author: Preben Bendtsen, MD, PhD

Co-authors: Jim McCambridge, Marcus Bendtsen, Nadine Karlsson, Per Nilsen


Investigation of the feasibility of a brief intervention delivered using mobile phones to reduce harmful drinking and injury among trauma patients in New Zealand

Presenting author: Shanthi Ameratunga, MBChB, MPH, PhD

Co-authors: Emily Smith, Bridget Kool, Kimiora Raerino


Overcoming Challenges to SBI Implementation with Technology: The Promise of Interactive Voice Response Systems

Presenting author: Gail Rose, PhD

Co-authors: John Helzer


Limitations to Implementing Alcohol Screening with an Electronic Clinical Reminder in the Veterans Affairs Healthcare System: A Qualitative Study

Presenting author: Emily Williams, PhD, MPH

Co-authors: Carol Achtmeyer, Rachel Thomas, Joel Grossbard, Gwen Lapham, Laura Johnson, Evette Ludman, Douglas Berger, Katharine Bradley


Concurrent Session 14

Workshop Presentation 5


The Development of a Clinical Decision Support for Illicit Substance Use in Primary Care

Facilitator: Geetha Subramaniam, M.D.

Co-authors: Betty Tai, Robert Lindblad, Bob Gore-Langston, Udi Ghitza


Concurrent Session 15

Workshop Presentation 6


Brief Intervention Group: Integrating SBIRT in Workplace Settings

Facilitator: Tracy McPherson, PhD

Co-authors: Judy Mickenberg


Concurrent Session 16

Workshop Presentation 7


Implementation and Sustainability of SBIRT in SAMHSA Grantees: Shaping the Cross-site Evaluation of SAMHSA’s Third Cohort of Grantees

Facilitator: Jeremy Bray, PhD

Co-authors: Carolina Barbosa, Frances Del Boca, William Dowd, Georgia Karuntzos, Bonnie McRee, Manu Singh, Janice Vendetti, Members of the SBIRT Cross-Site Evaluation Team


Concurrent Session 17

Symposium Presentation 4


SBIRT-related MI Training Methods and Outcomes

Discussant: Sylvia Shellenberger, PhD


Training SBIRT Health Care Practitioners Using Standardized Patient and Expert Coaching

Presenting author: Mary Velasquez, PhD

Co-authors: Sylvia Shellenberger, Kirk von Sternberg


Training Medical Students to Conduct Motivational Interviewing: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Presenting author: Jean-Bernard Daeppen, MD

Co-authors: Cristiana Fortini, Nicolas Bertholet, Raphael Bonvin, Alexandre Berney, Pierre-André Michaud, Carine Layat, Jacques Gaume


Reduction in drinking days and binge drinking days among patients receiving SBIRT services during an emergency department visit: 6 month results from GA BASICS

Presenting author: Joanna Akin, MPH

Co-authors: Aaron Johnson, J. Paul Seale, Gabe Kuperminc


Screening, brief intervention and referral to treatment (SBIRT) for alcohol and other drug use among adolescents: Evaluation of a pediatric residency curriculum

Presenting author: Sheryl Ryan, MD

Co-authors: Shara Martel, Michael Pantalon, Steve Martino, Jeanette Tetrault, Stephen Thung, Steven Bernstein, Peggy Auinger, Gail Donofrio


4:20pm: Closing Ceremony (Nick Heather, PhD)

INEBRIA Boston and AOD-SBI Sponsors and Co-sponsors

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Funding for this conference was made possible (in part) by Grant 1R13AA020158 from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism and Grant 1R13DA031540 from the National Institute on Drug Abuse. The views expressed in written conference materials or publications and by speakers and moderators do not necessarily reflect the official policies of the Department of Health and Human Services; nor does mention of trade names, commercial practices, or organizations imply endorsement by the U.S. Government.