Katherine Downey MD


  • Residency: Boston University Medical Center, Boston, MA
  • Medical School: University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ
  • Graduate School: University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ
  • Undergraduate: Occidental College, Eagle Rock, CA


Anatomic Pathology/Clinical Pathology (AP/CP)


  • INTESTINAL SPIROCHETOSIS IN CHILDREN: FIVE NEW CASES AND A TWENTY-YEAR REVIEW OF    THE LITERATURE. Carpentieri DF, Souza-Morones S, Gardetto JS, Ross HM, Downey K, Ingebo K, Siaw E. Pediatr Dev Pathol. 2010 Mar
  • Bone protective effect of simvastatin in experimental arthritis.
    Funk JL, Chen J, Downey KJ, and Clark RA
    The Journal of rheumatology 35(6):1083 2008 Jun
  • Blockade of parathyroid hormone-related protein prevents joint destruction and granuloma formation in streptococcal cell wall-induced arthritis.
    Funk JL, Chen J, Downey KJ, Davee SM, and Stafford G
    Arthritis and rheumatism 48(6):1721-31 2003 Jun
  • Parathyroid hormone-related protein induction in focal stroke: a neuroprotective vascular peptide.
    Funk JL, Migliati E, Chen G, Wei H, Wilson J, Downey KJ, Mullarky PJ, Coull BM, McDonagh PF, and Ritter LS
    American journal of physiology. Regulatory, integrative and comparative physiology 284(4):R1021-30 2003 Apr
  • Expression of PTHrP and its cognate receptor in the rheumatoid synovial microcirculation.
    Funk JL, Wei H, Downey KJ, Yocum D, Benjamin JB, and Carley W
    Biochemical and biophysical research communications 297(4):890-7 2002 Oct 4
  • A two-step procedure for the conversion of alpha,beta-unsaturated aldehydes into gamma-azido-alpha,beta-unsaturated nitriles.
    Deardorff DR, Taniguchi CM, Tafti SA, Kim HY, Choi SY, Downey KJ, and Nguyen TV
    The Journal of organic chemistry 66(21):7191-4 2001 Oct 19


  1. CAP 2009, Washington DC: Unusual Presentations of Cecal Carcinomas
    Katherine J. Downey, MD (katherine.downey@bmc.org); Marier Hernandez, MD; Bethany J. Tierno, MD; Sandra Cerda, MD. Department of Mallory Institute of Pathology, Boston Medical Center, Boston, Mass.
  2. CAP 2009, Washington DC: Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Lung Secreting Human Chorionic Gonadotropin and ß-Human Chorionic Gonadotropin in a Young Female Smoker
    Marier Hernandez, MD (marier.hernandez@bmc.org); Katherine Downey, MD; Sandra Cerda, MD. Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Boston Medical Center, Boston, Mass.




This program is rich in diversity amongst its faculty and staff, a definite strength. One is forever learning in a nurturing environment from a variety of specialists who excel in their respective fields.