Martin Steffen MD PhD


Assistant Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. Director, Proteomics Core Facility.

Contact Information

Dept of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Boston University School of Medicine
670 Albany Street, Rm 410
Boston MA, 02118
617-826-9486 (ph)


Dartmouth College B.S. 1985 Chemistry
Stanford University MD, PhD 1995 Chemistry
Harvard Medical School Post-Doc 2003 Genomics


Research Interests

My research focuses on increasing the knowledge of gene function, integrating: biochemistry, technology development, proteomics and computational biology. Recently, I was the contact PI on a Grand Opportunity project supported by ARRA funding, with co-PI’s, Richard Roberts, Chief Scientific Officer of New England Biolabs, and Simon Kasif, Professor of Biomedical Engineering. This project has involved coordinated efforts of over 100 investigators at numerous institutions. COMBREX (Computational Bridges to Experiments) is an effort to bring computational and experimental biologists together, with the complementary goals of identifying and prioritizing important gene function predictions to test, and funding the necessary experiments through the issuance of small monetary grants. Since its inception, COMBREX has made contributions to: distinguishing experimentally validated gene function from those that are computationally predicted; serving as a public repository of novel gene function predictions; implementing a system of traceable evidence for predictions and gene annotation; prioritizing genes for functional validation; and actually funding the experiments. This project funded the experimental determination of 140 genes of unknown function.
We have recently developed new methods for the experimental determination of gene function and applied it to six hypothetical proteins from Helicobacter pylori, using technology that has the potential to make a significant improvement on our knowledge of gene function. A final project in my lab is an analysis of peripheral leukocytes for the early diagnosis of prostate cancer. This project looks at cellular inflammatory markers in prostate cancer, benign prostatic hypertrophy and chronic prostatitis.

See Selected Recent Publications below or Search Additional Publications in MyBibliography

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