Kazem Azadzoi, M.D, M.A.








Current Positions:
Professor of Pathology (Boston University Medical School)
Professor of Urology (Boston University Medical School)
Director of Urology Research (Boston University & VA Boston)
Senior Health Scientist (VA Boston Healthcare System)

Contact information:
Building 1A, Room 317
150 S. Huntington Ave
Boston, MA 01230
Phone: (857)-364-5602
Fax: (857)-364-4540
Email: kazadzoi@bu.edu

Membership in Professional Organizations
American Urological Association (AUA), 1991–present
International Continence Society (ICS), 1995–present
Society of Urodynamics and Female Urology (SUFU), 2010–present
International Society for Sexual Medicine (ISSM), 1992–present
Sexual Medicine Society of North America (SMS), 2015–present
Oxygen Club of California, 2011–present
North-East Smooth Muscle Society, 2000–present
Society of Basic Urology Research (SBUR), 2005–2008
National Bladder Foundation (NBF), 1999– 2005

Awards and Honors
Jean-Francois Ginestié Prize for best research in Erectile Dysfunction, 1990.
Endourological Society Prize for best research in Endourology, 1993.
Jean-Francois Ginestié Prize for best research in Female Sexual Health, 1996.
Jack Lapides Prize for best research in Neurourology, 1988.
American Urological Association CIRCON Prize for best research in Prostate Disorders, 2000.
Hall of Fame, Appointed to the International Continence Society Hall of Fame in 2005.
National Register’s Who’s who in Executives and Professionals, included since 2005.
VIP, global Who’s Who, included since 2007.
Who’s Who in America, included since 2008.
The Journal of Urology Best reviewer Award, AUA 2012.
Certificate of Appreciation, Merit Review Program – VA Central Office, 2012.
The Journal of Urology Best reviewer Award, AUA 2014.

Editor and Editorial Boards
Section Editor, Oxidants and Antioxidants, 2012 – present
Section Editor, Journal of Biochemical and Pharmacological Research, 2012-present
Section Editor, BioMed Research International, 2013-present
Editorial Board, British Journal of Urology, “Investigative Urology”, 2004-present
Editorial Board, World J. Clinical Urology (WJCU), 2011-present
Editorial Board, Austin Journal of Urology, 2014-present
Editorial Board, SM Urology, 2015–present
Editorial Board, Int. J. Gynecol. Obst. Res, 2013-present
Editorial Board, The Scientific World Journal (TSWJ), 2011-present
Editorial Board, Open Access Journal of Urology, 2008-present
Editorial Board, Open Access Journal of Andrology, 2008-present
Editorial Board, Scientifica, 2012-present

Institutional Committees & Peer Review Boards
Chairman, VA Boston Health Care System IACUC, 06-08
Chair Elect, VA Boston Health Care System IACUC, 2005
Member of Boston University Faculty Council, 2013-present
Member of Boston University Council, 2013-present
Review board member, VA Surgery Study Section, 08-11
Review board member, VA Middleton & Barnwell Awards for clinical & basic research, 2012
Review board member, NIH, NIDDK, Diabetes, Digestive, Kidney and Urology, 2014
Review board member, NIH, NIDDK, Diabetes, Digestive, Kidney and Urology, 2015
Member of VA Boston Healthcare System Steering Committee, 06-08
Member of Chief of Urology Search Committee, VA Boston Healthcare System, 2012
Ad hoc reviewer, NIH, Clinical Sciences Special Emphasis Panel, Urology Section, 1999
Ad hoc reviewer, NIH, Surgery, Anesthesiology and Trauma (SAT) study section, 1995
Member of Boston University Promotion Committee, 2007
Member of Boston University faculty network for studies of sexual dysfunction, 2008-present
Member of Boston University Promotion Committee, 2005

Journals Reviewer
American Journal of Urology, 1990-present
International J. of Impotence Research. 1990-present
American Journal of Physiology, 1997-present
Urology (The Gold Journal), 1992-present
Journal of Neurourology and Urodynamic, 1992-present
Journal of Andrology, 03-present
European Urology, 03-present
Asian J. of Andrology, 03-present
Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry, 07-present
Journal of Sexual Medicine, 07-present
European Surgical Research, 08-present
European Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology 2010-present
Oxidants and Antioxidants in Medicine, 2011-present

Research Areas

Dr. Azadzoi and colleagues were one of the earliest to introduce the concept of pelvic ischemia in the pathophysiology of lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) and erectile dysfunction (ED). Dr. Azadzoi is the developer of unique experimental model systems for studies of ischemia-associated LUTS and ED. His published work introduced a new concept suggesting that pelvic ischemia may be an independent factor in simultaneous development of LUTS and ED in the elderly patients. This concept received worldwide attention and led to multi-center clinical trials concerning pelvic ischemia and the incidence of LUTS and ED in the aging population.

In clinical studies, Dr. Azadzoi and colleagues documented decreased bladder and prostate blood flow with aging and reported a close correlation between pelvic ischemia and the development of LUTS and ED in the male patients. His follow up studies with cell culture and experimental models revealed cellular and subcellular mechanisms underlying ischemic injury in the bladder, prostate and penile erectile tissues. In another clinical study, a close correlation between nocturia and sleep disordered breathing was documented. Follow up studies with oxycycler models showed that conditions simulating sleep apnea contributes to nocturia via mechanisms involving bladder oxidative stress and detrusor instability. These observations suggested that LUTS, ED and nocturia may be indicators of impending cardiovascular, respiratory and sleep disorders that should be further investigated.

In basic research, Dr. Azadzoi and colleagues documented a number of signaling pathways and molecular mechanisms in lower urinary tract ischemia including RNA modifications, DNA damage, cell survival signaling, and altered protein expression. These changes in conjunction with lipid peroxidation and protein oxidation activated downstream pathways involving growth factors such as HIF, TGF-beta, VEGF and NGF and led to microvasculature damage, neurodegeneration, receptor modifications and fibrosis. Cultured cells exhibited differential reactions to hypoxia and oxidative stress conditions. Cellular reactions to hypoxia were associated with thickened deformed cell membrane, swollen mitochondria and enlarged endoplasmic reticulum (ER). Cellular reactions to oxidative stress were associated with partial loss of cell membrane, increased caveolae, swollen mitochondria with degraded cristae, splintered ER, and increased lysosomes. Reactions to hypoxia were consistent with activation of survival signaling, possibly to cope with lack of oxygen and energy demand. Changes in oxidative stress involved extensive cell damage and deterioration of the subcellular elements, suggesting a degenerative process. Mitochondria, ER and lysosomes mediated cultured cells reactions to disturbed oxygen tension. Cumulatively, these observations suggest leading roles of interrupted blood flow and disturbed oxygen tension in aging-associated LUTS and ED.  Further research into the role of pelvic ischemia in LUTS-associated ED may lead to more effective diagnosis and better management of these problems.

Dr. Azadzoi collaborates with other researchers in the national and international organizations. His research laboratories provide a conductive environment for productive research, teaching, training, scientific communication and collaboration.

Research Team:
Kazem Azadzoi, M.D., M.A. (Director)
Jinghua Yang, Ph.D. (Investigator)
Kimberly Leite-Morris, Ph.D. (Investigator)
Mike Siroky, M.D. (Investigator)
Lori Lerner, M.D. (Collaborator)
Subbaroa Yalla, M.D. (Collaborator)
Maryrose Sullivan, Ph.D. (Collaborator)
Vivian Cristofaro, Ph.D. (Collaborator)
Abdulmaged Traish, Ph.D. (Consultant)
Han-Pil Choi (Collaborator)
Yedan Li (Research Assistant)

Positions available:

Doctoral and master degree candidates and post-doctoral fellows are welcomed to apply for training positions. We are seeking research associates and research assistants to join our investigators at the VA Boston Healthcare System research laboratories. Applicants should email their CVs to Dr. Azadzoi (kazadzoi@bu.edu).

Selected Publications:


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