Christopher D. Andry M.Phil., Ph.D.

Chief and Chair, Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
Professor of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine and Family Medicine

Contact Information

  • Telephone – 617-414-5292
  • Mobile – 617-448-2246
  • Email – or <>

Degree(s) –

  • BSc Biological Sciences
  • MPhil Biological Sciences
  • PhD Pathology

Education/Training –

  • BSc Biological Sciences, University of Lancaster, UK
  • MPhil Biological Sciences, University of Lancaster , UK
  • PhD Pathology, Boston University, Boston, MA

Thank you for visiting the Department of Pathology and Laboratory website. We have a diverse, interesting and busy department, rich in tradition, outstanding clinical service, teaching excellence and exciting research. I would be pleased to help you learn more about the department and our activities. Please feel free to email me or call.

Faculty Profile Summary

  • Chief and Chair, Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine 9/1/2019 – present
  • Vice Chair for Operations and Management, Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, BUSM through 8/31/2019
  • Professor, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, BUSM
  • Program Director, Masters of Sciences in Pathology Lab Sciences, Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, BUSM
  • Scientific Director, Experimental Pathology Laboratory Services Core, BUMC
  • Chair, Graduate Student Recruitment and Admissions Committee, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, BUSM
  • Co-director, First year clinical elective program – “Healthcare access for people with disabilities”, BUSM
  • Chair, Laboratory Safety Committee, BUMC


Clinical Service

  • Executive Director, Cancer Care Services, Boston Medical Center
  • Administrative Director, Faculty Practice Plan, BU Mallory Pathology Associates, Inc., BMC
  • Chapter Chair, Transplant Safety, The Joint Commission and liaison to New England     Organ bank, BMC
  • Director, Here to Help: Disability Advocacy Program, BMC
  • Clinical Support Branch Director, Disaster Command, BMC
  • Senior Staff, Department of Anatomic Pathology, BMC
  • Liaison to the New England Organ Bank, BMC

Research Interests

Clinical cancer care services, biospecimen archiving; operational improvement in an academic medical center; patient safety; healthcare disparities for people with disabilities; end-of-life patient care.

Recent Publications and Presentations

  • Decisions to be made after a death. Rodger Charlton and Chris Andry. MIMS Oncology and Palliative Care vol. 4 (4): 2010
  • “A state-mandated, detailed autopsy consent does not decrease the autopsy rate at an academic medical center”.  C Pang, L Watts M.D,., CA Kiriakos, M J O’Brien M.D. and CD Andry Ph.D. Platform presentation, United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology, presentation given by Luisa Watts.2010
  • Andry, C. “Cultural Competency and Care of Deceased Patients and their Families”. Strategic Visiting Fellowship, Institute of Advanced Study, Warwick University, UK.
  • Charlton, R & Andry C. “What to do at the Time of Death – the Role of Doctors and Bereavement Officers”. Podcast and video. Strategic Visiting Fellowship, Institute of Advanced Study, Warwick University, UK.  Podcast – End of Life Warwick University, UK recorded July 2010
  • Follow this link to a discussion between Dr Andry and Dr Rodger Charlton on medical education regarding after life care
  • On the dynamics of nitrite, nitrate and other biomarkers of nitric oxide production in inflammatory bowel disease. Saijo F, Milsom AB, Bryan NS, Bauer SM, Vowinkel T, Ivanovic M, Andry C, Granger DN, Rodriguez J, Feelisch M. Nitric Oxide. 2010 Feb 15;22(2):155-67. PMID: 20005300
  • Chris D. Andry, Christian Kiriakos, Diego Martinez, and Lisa O’Connor: “A Pathology Department-Based Decedent Affairs Office Can Contribute to Improved Organ and Tissue Donation Services.” Modern Pathology 22(1):4A. Platform presentation, United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology. 2009
  • Chinnappan, D, Xiao, D, Ratnasari, A, Andry C, King, T, Weber, C. Transcription factor YY1 expression in human gastrointestinal cancer cells.  Int. J Oncol 34: 1417-1423, 2009
  • Impact of a Pathology Department-Based Decedent Affairs Office on Patient Death and Autopsy Related Services at a Safety Net Hospital. CD Andry, C Kiriakos, R Dwyer and MJ O’Brien. Modern Pathology, vol 21, supplement 1:4a, 2008
  • Rick Dwyer, Marc Emmerich, MD, Robert Saper, MD, Joanne Wilkinson, MD, Mary Cerreto PhD, Larry Culpepper, MD, Lisa O’Connor, Chris Andry, PhD. Expansion of an Advocacy Program for People with Disabilities at a Safety Net Hospital. Special Theme Session, American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, 131st Annual Meeting, Atlanta GA. Presenters Andry and Dwyer. 2007
  • Hatice Hasturk, Alpdogan Kantarci, Emilie Goguet-Surmenian, Amanda Blackwood, Chris Andry, Charles Serhan, Thomas Van Dyke. Resolvin E1 Regulates Inflammation at the Cellular and Tissue Level and Restores Tissue Homeostasis In Vivo. J. Immunol 179: 7021-7029, 2007
  • Hatice Hasturk, Victor L. Jones, Chris Andry, and Alpdogan Kantarci. 1-Tetradecanol Complex reduces progression of Porphyromonas gingivalis induced experimental periodontitis. J. Periodontol. 78:1-9, 2007
  • Hasturk, H, Kantarci, A, Ebrahimi, N, Andry, C, Holick, M, Jones V, Van Dyke, T. Topical H2 antagonist prevents periodontitis in a rabbit model. Infect Immun. 74(4):2402-14, 2006

Here to Help: Disability Advocacy Program (H2H), Boston Medical Center

BUSM First Year Clinical Rotations Elective,

People with developmental, intellectual, and/or cognitive disabilities often experience substandard health care for many reasons. They may miss appointments due to a lack of transportation or find it difficult to communicate with physicians and providers and make their concerns understood. Also people with disabilities living independently may struggle to fill their prescriptions and maintain their medication regimen. The primary goal of the Here to Help: Disability Advocacy Program (H2H)at Boston Medical Center (BMC) improved patient access to quality health care and to assure patient safety while an individual visits the hospital either as an inpatient or an outpatient.
The program activities include:
•    Helping a patient facilitate healthcare appointments
•    Educating patients about services available at BMC
•    Ensuring a smooth, safe trip for the patient to and from his or her scheduled appointments,
•    Guiding and advocating for the patient while he or she is at BMC
•    Ensuring a continuum of care by confirming follow up appointments, referrals and specialty services
•    Joining the patient during his or her outpatient visit
•    Participating in the inpatient care plan during hospitalization
This course begins in September with two one-hour orientation sessions focused on educating students about caring for people with developmental, intellectual and cognitive disabilities. The first session reviews current social and medical terminology, cultural and social barriers for people with disabilities and outline for the elective. Second session involves reviews of the recently distributed documentary entitled, “Body & Soul: Diana & Kathy” and the second introductory session will involve a round-table discussion about healthcare and social needs for people with disabilities. Students will then be partnered with patients enrolled in the program. Students will be expected to meet with patients at least twice per month during a 1 hour session, or will join the assigned patient at a clinic appointment. Course directors will hold a 1 hr monthly review session to ensure the rotation is meeting students’ goals.
The H2H program provides a wonderful opportunity for students to learn about the inner-workings of a major safety-net hospital, and to develop skills enabling them to care for patients with disabilities.
Learning Objectives:
•    Experience working with patients with intellectual and developmental disabilities
•    Participate in history and physical assessment of patients with disabilities
•    Participate in guiding patients with disabilities through interdisciplinary services at BMC
•    Advocate, on behalf of patients with disabilities, to state and private support organizations (DMR, Arc of Mass, AAIDD etc)
Commitment: September through April
Prerequisite: Director’s approval
Course Directors:
Chris Andry, M.Phil., Ph.D., Director, Here to Help: Disability Advocacy Program. Assistant Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. Clinical Rotation contact: or pager 1027
Joanne Wilkinson, MD, Assistant Professor, Department of Family Medicine