Guidelines for requesting Mallory Research Funds


Application Guidelines and Review Policy

 Mission: To provide faculty and residents in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine with support for high-quality research projects.  Projects will be funded to a maximum cost of $5,000 per project with total program costs of no more than $50,000 annually.  Projects will be assessed and prioritized using the following criteria (not listed in order of priority):

  • Aligned with institutional and departmental priorities
  • Potential to expand research opportunities
  • Likelihood to yield peer-reviewed publication(s)
  • Opportunity to increase collaboration within or across academic units
  • Opportunity to engage pathology trainees
  • Likelihood to yield extramural grant support (if appropriate to project)

Applications must have an active collaborator from the Boston University Mallory Faculty Practice Plan in order to submit an application.

Applications not initially approved for funding can be revised and resubmitted for consideration.

Application Format: Project proposals should be brief (≤ 3 pages, 1 inch margins, ³ 11 point font) and should include the following sections:

  • Hypothesis and Specific Aim(s)
  • Background and Significance
  • Preliminary Data – if appropriate but not necessary
  • Research Design and Methods
  • Discussion – including a succinct discussion of expected outcomes, potential pitfalls, alternative approaches and benefit to the investigator(s)
  • Relevant references
  • Budget – justify all anticipated expenditures.  Limited salary support for temporary laboratory personnel (e.g. part-time undergraduate, medical students) and small ($5,000 maximum) equipment purchases directly related to and necessary for the proposed project may be included.  Travel expenses may be included but these funds may only be used if
    • An abstract to the meeting has been accepted AND
    • A draft of the manuscript has been submitted to the faculty member prior to the start date of the meeting.

Review Process: Project proposals will be submitted and reviewed either by the Chair or a committee appointed by the Chair of the Department.  Submissions will be rolling so specific deadlines are not applicable.

Successfully funded projects: For each funded project, a brief summary of progress after one year and all project-related abstracts and publications should be reported to the Department Chair.  Requests for extension of funding beyond the first 12 months following project approval must be justified in the annual summary and will require prior approval.

Applications and related correspondence should be sent as electronic files to Chris Andry, PhD / Chair

Revised July 2021 by Chris Andry, PhD / Chair.