BARC Material Use, Data Sharing and Publication Acknowledgment Agreement

BARC Material Use, Data Sharing and Publication Acknowledgment Agreement


This form is to be used by Boston University and Boston Medical Center affiliated researchers only. [For non-BU non-BMC affiliated researchers, please contact the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at]

The main purpose for completing and submitting a Biospecimen Use Request form is to ensure your requested specimens are available for research purposes and your proposed studies are feasible. Following review of your Request by the BARC Oversight Committee, you will be contacted by email regarding the approval status of your request and/or follow up questions regarding your request.


The PI of this application understands that the material to be transferred (“ORIGINAL MATERIAL”) is described as stated in this applications. This includes biospecimens collected by the BARC. The data to be transferred are as stated in the application and may include but not limited to the following: clinical, biological, diagnostic imaging technical and/or other information describing the ORIGINAL MATERIAL (“DATA”). The DATA shall be stripped of direct identifying information with the exception of those requirements identified in the application which shall constitute a limited data set (LDS). A limited data set (LDS) is defined as “information from which “facial” identifiers have been removed including but not limited to names, street addresses, telephone numbers, etc. (See 45 CFR 164.514(e)(2)). The only related information that may remain include dates, such as admission, discharge, service, and age, stated in years, months or days. The primary HIPAA identifiers (the 16 direct identifiers listed in 45 CFR 164.514e) will be removed by the Provider in accordance with the BARC IRB protocol in advance of transmission and submittal to approved parties. All ORIGINAL MATERIAL and DATA provided by BARC were collected with appropriate human subjects review, including a protocol approved by the Institutional Review Board (“IRB”) and in compliance with all laws and regulations regarding human subjects. Requested materials and data will be transferred to the PI and co-investigators listed on this application for research purposes if approved. If the PI and/or co-investigators desires transfer of materials and data to researchers not affiliated with Boston Medical Center and/or Boston University, the PI and/or co-investigators should consult with the BARC to determine whether a Materials Transfer Agreement is appropriate.


The PI of this application is requested to acknowledge the Boston Medical Center-Boston University Biospecimen Archive for Research Core (BARC) and BU-BMC Cancer Center in publications that use/analyze BARC specimens.


The PI of this application is requested to submit data generated from analyses of BARC biospecimens to the BARC Oversight Committee upon completion of analyses. If analyses result in large datasets submitted to public databases, the PI of this application is requested to provide the dataset location (URL and dataset ID) to the BARC Oversight Committee.

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