Quality & Safety

Striving to become a hospital with no preventable harm requires adherence to high levels of patient care and safety. Our mission is that all members of the Department of Anesthesiology at Boston Medical Center will act as a quality and safety officer – in other words, we are all actively involved in working to achieve our vision of zero preventable harm. This collective mindset empowers everyone to work collectively to improve quality and patient safety.

To this end, a culture of safety is paramount to our core work. We promote transparency when reporting events in an environment without fear of retribution, in a respectful, non-judgmental culture.

We have multiple, on-going projects and educational missions in our department. Please follow each link for more information.

We work closely with the QI Hub at Boston Medical Center. For more information on this and to view the team follow this link: https://ww.bucme.org/qihub