Welcome to Boston Medical Center

Rachel Achu, MD

Assistant Professor, Director of Diversity & Inclusion

Matthew Berman, MD


Wendy Bernstein, MD

Vice Chair Academic Affairs, Director of Faculty Development

Simon Body, MD, MPH


Karolina Brook, MD

Assistant Professor, Director, Quality & Safety

Boris Burmistrovich, MD

Assistant Professor, Director of PACU

Robert Canelli, MD

Clinical Assoc. Professor, Assoc. Director, Surgical Intensive Care Unit

Chris Conley, MD

Clinical Associate Professor, Associate Residency Program Director

Melinda Edwards, MD


Cynthia Espanola, MD

Assistant Professor, Endoscopy Site Officer

Christian Garcia, MD

Assistant Professor

Mauricio Gonzalez, MD

Clinical Associate Professor, Vice Chair of Clinical Affairs

Daniel Gross, MD


Albert Kalustian, DO

Clinical Associate Professor

Eugene Kim, MD

Assistant Professor

Alexey Kotov, MD

Assistant Professor, Director Cardiac Anesthesiology

Jessica Kwan, MD


Don Lambert, MD, PhD


Adam Levine, MD


Joseph Louca, MD

Assistant Professor

Ashleigh Menhadji, MD

Assistant Professor

Jennifer Merrell, MD

Assistant Professor

Richard Miller, MD


Wissam Mustafa, MD

Director of Trauma Anesthesia

Melissa Nadler, MD

Assistant Professor, Director of Simulation

Mark Norris, MD

Clinical Professor, Residency Program Director

Ala Nozari, MD, PhD

Professor, Vice Chair of Research

Rafael Ortega, MD

Professor and Chair

Jamel Ortoleva, MD

Assistant Professor

Alexis Ramirez, MD

Assistant Professor, Clerkship Director

Sundara Rengasamy, MD

Assistant Professor

Jose Rios, MD

Assistant Professor

Cynthia Rupp, MD


Seroos Salavati, MD

Assistant Professor, Director of Regional Anesthesia

Courtney Simmons, MD

Assistant Professor

Nicole Spence, MD

Assistant Professor, Director of Acute Pain Service

Ron Stein, MD

Clinical Instructor

Eduard Vaynberg, MD

Assistant Professor, Director of Chronic Pain Management