Connected research units

The Pulmonary Center has strong ties to many other BU and BMC research and training units in which our faculty members have prominent leadership roles, including the following:

Alpha-1 Center (Director: Andrew Wilson)

Amyloidosis Center (Assistant Director: John Berk)

Center for Excellence in Sickle Cell Disease (Director: Elizabeth Klings)

Center for Implementation & Improvement Sciences (Co-Director: Allan Walkey)

Center for Regenerative Medicine (Director: Darrell Kotton)

Clinical & Translational Science Institute (Director: David Center)

Computational Biomedicine Section (Director: Avrum Spira)

Framingham Heart Study (Investigator: George O’Connor)

Graduate Program in Molecular and Translational Medicine (Director: Matthew Jones)

National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories (Aerobiology Core Director: Igor Kramnik)

Pneumonia Biology (PIs: Jones, Mizgerd, Quinton, Traber)

Responsible Conduct of Research Program (Director: Alan Fine)


Other BU sites of interest:

Schools of BU

BU web-mail

BUMC Core facilities


Links outside of BU:

American Thoracic Society

American Lung Association


National Center for Biotechnology Information

Gordon Conferences

Keystone Conferences