The Pulmonary Center includes the faculty of Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Allergy Medicine as well as affiliates studying lung disease in other divisions of Medicine and thoughout the departments of Biochemistry, Microbiology, Pathology, Pediatrics, and Physiology.  Some of the scientific interests of these faculty are highlighted on their individual web pages (linked from their names, below) and itemized in the Research pages of the Center.

The core of the Pulmonary Center is a group of scientists dedicating their careers to fighting lung disease.  These investigators share laboratory space, facilities, staff, and resources.  They regularly teach each other, learn from each other, and work together, recognizing that these continuous interactions strengthen them to accomplish research and training that combats lung disease.

This core forms the hub of the Pulmonary Center, integrated with many spokes around BU.  Formal and informal interactions facilitate the cross-fertilization of ideas and the pursuit of collaborative research elucidating lung biology and pulmonary disease.

Center Members

John Berk
Jeff Berman
John Bernardo
Markus Bosmann
Ehab Billatos
Jerome Brody
Christine Campbell-Reardon
David Center
Felicia Chen
Ting-hsu Chen
Robyn Cohen
Jerrold Ellner
Jack Faling
Harrison Farber
Rachel Fearns
Alan Fine
Ronald Goldstein
Mark Grinstaff
Davidson Hamer
Kevan Hartshorn
Finn Hawkins
James Head
Helen Hollingsworth
Jonathan Iaccarino
Michael Ieong
Laertis Ikonomou
Yang Jin
Matthew Jones
Martin Joyce-Brady
Hasmeena Kathuria
Elizabeth Klings
Darrell Kotton
Igor Kramnik
Marc Lenburg
Frédéric Little
Hector Marquez
Joseph Mizgerd
Gustavo Mostalovsky
George Murphy
Jaime Murphy
George O’Connor
Stephen Pelton
Lee Quinton
Daniel Remick
Jason Rock
Jussi Saukkonen
Barbara Seaton
Frank Schembri
Avrum Spira
Katrina Steiling
Jean-Bosco Tagne
Arthur Theodore
Katrina Traber
Maria Trojanowska
Bob Varelas
Allan Walkey
Renda Wiener
Mary Williams
Andrew Wilson
Kevin Wilson

August 6, 2018
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