Dehua Wang, MD MSc




Boston University Medical Center, Department of Pathology  July, 2009-present
Drexel University College of Medicine, Department of Pathology, PGY1  2008-2009

Postdoctoral training:
Johns Hopkins Medical Institute, Department of Oncology    2003-2008
University of Minnesota, Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine   2000-2003

Graduate School:
MSc, Beijing Medical University, Department of Pathology, Beijing, China    1993-1996

Medical School:
MD, Yunyang Medical College, Shiyan, China 1984-1989




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Since arriving here, everyone I’ve met is very friendly and eager to help. I’m happy to become part of this program since I desire working with an excellent group of faculty and residents in a great learning environment. Hopefully I’ll also be able to take advantage one of Boston’s popular offerings, seafood, especially lobster!