Hillary Perkins




  • Sept. 2012– present:  Master’s Program
    • Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
    • Boston University  School of Medicine, Boston, MA
  • May 2007:
    • B.S., Biology and Biotechnology with a Concentration in Cell and Molecular Biology and Genetics
    • Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA


As a result of many factors including life experiences and my employment both here at BUMC as a member of the Sharon lab and previously at UMMS in Worcester, my current research interests include: Molecular, Cancer, and Stem Cell Biology, Anatomical Pathology, and Immunology.



  • Protective B-cell epitopes of Francisella tularensis O-polysaccharide in a mouse model of respiratory tularaemia, Immunology, July 2012
  • The Integrin – Growth Factor Receptor Duet, Journal of Cellular Physiology, Sept. 2007
    • Authors: N Alam, HL Goel, MJ Zarif, JE Butterfield, HM Perkins, BG Sansoucy, TK Sawyer, LR Languino; Department of Cancer Biology, University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester, Massachusetts
    • In print: Journal of Cellular Physiology, vol. 213 no. 3 pgs. 649-653. 2007, Wiley-Liss, Inc.
    • Online: http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/cgi-bin/abstract/116321225/ABSTRACT
  • Search for Cervical Stem Cells Using Immunofluorescence, MQP, Aug. 2006-Apr. 2007



  • Kickboxing
  • Dance
  • Music
  • Cooking
  • Traveling/Foreign Languages
  • Reading/Writing