Current Graduate Students

Rawan TahboubRawan pic
1st Year Masters
Subha SinghSubhaSingh
1st Year Masters
Ahmad Al MoujahedAhmad
Dr. Demetrious Vavvas (MGH)
2nd Year PhD Candidate 
Greg HallGregHallPic3
(Kurosawa Lab)
2nd Year PhD Candidate
Keith KellerKeithKeller.FullSizeRender
(Joel Henderson Lab)
2nd Year Masters Student
Maya Kimmaya kim3
(Bachschmid Lab)
2nd Year Masters Student
Denis KyabagguDenis S  Kyabaggu
(Gummuluru Lab)
2nd Year Masters Student
Carolina Lyon de Ana CarolinaLyondeAna..IMG_9601
(Winandy Lab)
2nd Year Masters Student
Morgan ThompsonMorgan Thompson
(Kurosawa Lab)
 Year Masters Student
Max Vaickus plate-1-airway-foxj1
(Remick Lab)
2nd Year Masters Student
Stephanie AdamsAdams.Stephanie
Delalle Lab
3rd Year OD/PhD Student
Lois Bayigga, MABayigga2.lois bayigga
Anderson Lab
Graduated, May 2016: Lois returned to Uganda to pursue a PhD Program. In August Lois awarded the MUII Wellcome Trust Scholarship. The program is Makerere University, Uganda’s Infection and Immunity program (MUII). It is funded by Wellcome Trust of the U.K. and offers a 3 year PhD scholarship which is affiliated with BUSM
Evan Catudal, MACatudal.Evan.20140902_213924
Kurosawa Lab
Graduated, May 2016: Evan is currently employed at the Boston Heart Diagnostics in Framingham, MA as a Medical Technologist. He is working on validating new clinical diagnostic assays for predicting cardiovascular disease risk. Evan is also enrolled as a part-time student in the M.S. in Clinical Investigation program at BUSM beginning in the Fall
Junbo ChenCHen.Junbo2014.DSCF8451
Joel Henderson Lab
3rd Year Masters Student
Ruoyu Tian, MATian.Ruoyu
Herb Cohen Lab
Graduated, May 2016: Ruoyu moved on to the Georgia Institute of Technology into the PhD Biology Program
Bernard “BJ” VarianVarian2014.zebra3
Remick Lab
3rd Year Masters Student
Yuri KimKim.Yuri.2014.317562_10100714369020563_1484835124_n (2)
Quinton Lab
4th Year PhD Student
Timothy NormanTim Norman Photo (2)
Fine Lab
4th Year PhD Student
Terry Hsieh, PhDTerry[2013]
Remick Lab
Defended his thesis “Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Augments the Innate Immune Response Through Neurokinin and Cholinergic Signaling in May 2016; then Terry headed back to medical school.
Melody Lun, PhDMelody Lun_RC_2014
Maria Lehtinen (Children’s Hospital)
Defended her thesis Coordination of Cell Intrinsic and Extrinsic Signals in Development of the Mammalian Brain” in April 2016; then Melody headed back to medical school.
Elizabeth MosesEmoses_RC_2014
Spira Lab
5th Year PhD Student
Nisma (16)
Dr. David Fisher (MGH)
5th Year MD/PhD Student
Mark Wojnarowiczmwojnarowicz
Lee Goldstein Lab
5th Year PhD Student
Jess Allen RitterJess Allen_RC_2014
Genco Lab (Tufts)
6th Year PhD Student
Mostafa Belghasem, PhDmostafa
 Joel Henderson Lab
Defended his thesis “Pathological and Molecular Profiling in Hypertension-Induced Glomerular Injury” in July 2015; Dr. Belghasem is currently emplyed at BUSM.
Caitlin MillerCaitlin Miller_RC_2014
Gummuluru Lab
6th Year PhD Student
Jacquelyn (Sikora) Hansen, PhDSikora.Jacjuelyn.ASBMB10a (2)
Connors Lab
Defended her thesis “Transthyretin gene regulation in wild-type transthyretin amyloidosis” on November 21st, 2016. She is currently seeking a postdoc position.
Jason Sutin, PhDSutin Jason_RC_2014
 Maria Franceshini Lab (MGH)
Defended his thesis “Development of a Novel Diffuse Correlation Spectroscopy Platform for Neuromonitoring Cerebal Blood Flow and Oxygen Metabolism: From Novel Concepts and Devices to Preclinical Live Animal Studies” on September 12, 2016. Jason is currently employed at Childrens Hospital, Boston
Parul Agnihotri, PhDParul-Agnihotri
Winandy Lab
Defended her thesis “The Role of Ikaros in Foxo1-Driven Gene Expression in CD4 T Cells” in April 2016; Parul
is currently seeking a postdoc position in academia or industry.
Nicole (Stauffer) Smith, PhDNicole-Stauffer
Mizgerd Lab
Defended her thesis “Respiratory Infections with Pneumococci Establish Multi-pronged Heterotypic Protection Against Pneumonia” in April 2016; Nicole is currently seeking a postdoc position in academia or industry.
Martin Steinbuck, PhDmartin steinbuck cropped2
Winandy Lab
Defended his thesis, “NOVEL T-CELL RECEPTOR MEDIATED MECHANISMS OF NOTCH ACTIVATION AND SIGNALINGin July 2016; Martin is a Scientist at Vedantra Pharmaceuticals, Inc, in Cambridge, MA.
Atsushi Ebata, PhDAebata
 Wolozin Lab
Defended his thesis “Development of TDP-43 Granule Inhibitors as Potential Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis/Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration Therapies” in November 2015; Atsushi is currently seeking a postdoc position in academia or industry.