Mallory History

Boston City Hospital

Frank Burr Mallory

Mallory Institute of Pathology

Building as a Coat of Arms

Historical Mallory Panels – 670 Albany Street – 3rd Floor

The following four links represent PDF files of four wall-mounted panels portraying the history of the Boston City Hospital, the Mallory Institute of Pathology, and the Boston Medical Center. A team of Frank Burr Mallory’s grandson (his father was George Kenneth Mallory, the Institute’s second director) and designer Richard Duggan prepared the exhibit.  Faculty and support staff made many contributions to these fine portrayals of the history of pathology at Boston City Hospital and Boston Medical Center.  The panels are mounted in the 3rd floor lobby at 670 Albany Street and in the Mallory building, now known as Jean Yawkey Place.  We encourage you to take a closer look at the PDF files and to visit the exhibit itself! You can contact Mallory’s grandson at <>