Laboratory Operations

  • Miller M.D. Clinical Molecular and Biology Lab  Director

    Miller M.D. Molecular and
    Biology Lab Director

    Nancy Miller M.D. Medical Director, Clinical Biology and Molecular Diagnostic LaboratoryC

  • Andry Director of Anatomic Pathology and clinical Labs

    Clinical Lab Medicine Operation Highlights

    Lab medicine Operations Highlights

  • Andry Director of Anatomic Pathology and clinical Labs

    Andry PhD, Dir-Anatomic Path. & Clinical Labs

    Christopher Andry PhD

The Biospecimen Archive Research Core is a repository for specimens, which enables research scientists to procure specimens both on a prospective and retrospective basis. The mission of this core is to collect biospecimens from patients that are both diseased and normal and archive them along with clinical annotated history.

The Experimental Pathology Laboratory Service Core (EX+) processes histological samples and prepares microscope slides for research scientists.

Emergency-Disaster Preparedness Clinical Support Branch

For BMC emergency-disaster response Clinical Support Branch:

Phase B through D all leaders please call in to

Clinical Support Branch Director

Chris Andry
Cell: 617-448-2246
pager 617-638-5795 code 1027
Cell #2 617-584-1893

Clinical Support Branch Director Back Up –

Charlie O’Donnell
Cell: 617-699-8907
page:r  617-638-5795 code 0991

After call in to Clinical Support Branch Director please evaluate staffing and materials inventory in your area.

“Huddle” meeting location: Newton or Menino bike cage – predetermined after first call

Clinical Support Branch Only – Operations Command Center located in Interpreter Services Offices

Dowling South 4501, office phone 617-414-7204

Back up site: Menino 2093 Blood Bank laboratory

Newton back up site 670 Albany Street, 3rd floor Pathology Conference room

See attached contact sheet.

Clinical-Unit-contact-numbers-Nov-23-Down-Time (11/2013)

Departmental Downtime Huddle Cards (11/2013)

Departmental Actions List Final 11-20-13

Notification of Death Form_REV4_Fillable (11/2013)

Copy of pager 10 digit number (11/2013)

Copy of Data Center downtime leadership coverage (11/2013)

Copy of DC downtime spreadsheet as of Nov 15 (11/2013)

DC Outage – Clinical Team Minutes 111213 (11/2013)

Data Center Downtime Clinical Action List DRAFT (11/2013)

SurgicalSpecimensAndFrozenSections_082012 (11/2013)

Accessioning Surgical Pathology Specimens (11/7/13)

Intra-operative Consultations (11/7/13)

Specimen Collection and Submission to the Deptartment of Anatomic Pathology (11/7/13)

Surgical and Cytology Specimen Pick-Up (11/7/13)

Incident Command Org Chart

The Bereavement Guide at Boston Medical Center

Disaster Contact List (12/13/11)

Laboratory Safety Coordinator

Faculty Departure Procedure

Dr. Lious Liou
670 Albany Street 4th floor Room 414

Dr. David Chui
Hemaglobinopathy Laboratory, Evans 242

Cytology Chemical Inventory

Frozen Section Labs Chemical Inventory

Molecular Pathology Chemical Inventory

Special Procedures Chemical Inventory

Diagnostic EM Chemical Inventory

Histology Chemical Inventory

Morgue Chemical Inventory

Surgical Pathology Chemical Inventory

Lab Chemical Inventory
670 Albany Street 4th Floor, Dr. Remick Lab

Formalin and Xylene Exposure Testing
Air Sampling Laboratory Report

670 Albany Path Monitoring Report 05/24/07

Morgue Monitoring Report

Morgue Air Sampling

Hemoglobin Diagnostic Reference Laboratory – Equipment List

670 Albany Street 4rth floor floor plan

Pathology Research Laboratories, 4th floor, 670 Albany Street. Laboratory occupants

Occupational exposure to hazardous chemicals in laboratories.

National Research Council Recommendations Concerning Chemical Hygiene in Laboratories (Non-Mandatory)

Department of Clinical Engineering Equipment Report 2007

Annual Outlet Inspection 2007

Electrical Testing Report 2007

Fire Drill Participants/Responders

Inspector’s Summation Report

Infection Control Manual

Formalin testing report 2009

Pipette Calibration – 2009

2009 Pathology Final Report CAP Inspection

Water Quality Testing July 2009

Lab medicine video