Principal Teaching/Learning Activities

Clinical Case Conference (CCC)  Weekly, Wednesday mornings 9:15-10:30 AM
The fellow on the BMC inpatient consult service presents patients active on the consult service. Approximately 20-25% of cases relate to musculoskeletal medicine rather than systemic rheumatic diseases.  Outpatient cases are encouraged.  The subsequent discussion with participating faculty, fellows, students and residents focuses on differential diagnosis and management decisions.  At least one of the topics of discussion is strongly encouraged, followed by review of the related literature.

Attending Rounds (AR) Daily depending on the schedule of consult attending and fellow
Attending rounds provide an important opportunity for single case-based learning which emphasizes development of competence and then proficiency in obtaining rheumatologic history, rheumatology physical exam skills, procedural skills, interpreting laboratory data, generating a rheumatology differential diagnosis and developing appropriate management plans.

Clinical Electives

Sarcoidosis Fellows have the opportunity to rotate for a month in the world-famous BUMC Sarcoid Clinic, which attracts >200 new sarcoidosis cases per year. Rheumatology Pediatrics Clinic Fellows have a chance to rotate for 1-2 months in the rheumatology pediatrics clinic, where they get personalized instruction from a pediatric rheumatologist to augment their knowledge and help prepare them for their board examinations.
Amyloidosis Clinic Fellows participate in a rheumatology intake assessment for a patient see in the world-renowned amyloidosis clinic at BMC, and then attend the interdisciplinary clinical meeting for patient evaluated that week. Ehlers-Danlos clinic Fellows evaluate a patient referred for Ehlers-Danlos with a geneticist and discuss the evaluation and treatment process in the adult with this condition.
Osteoporosis clinic Fellows have the option of attending a month of osteoporosis clinic with Endocrinology to learn about BMD reading, up-to-date treatment options and secondary osteoporosis evaluation. Connective Tissue Disease Dermatology Clinic Fellows have the option of doing a one-month Dermatology clinic with a Dermatologist subspecialized in treating skin manifestations of autoimmune diseases.

Didactic Lecture Series Weekly early in the academic year, bi-weekly thereafter
A didactic lecture series given by key and other faculty which covers all major topics in rheumatology.

Pathology Conference (PC)
A conference devoted to review of histopathologic specimens from in- or out-patients conducted by pathology faculty. Reviewed specimens may include skin, bone, muscle, joint, kidney, brain or other organ pathology.  Each review is preceded by presentation of the case by the responsible fellow.

Radiology Conference (RC)
A conference devoted to plain musculoskeletal radiography, based on Dr. Burton Sack’s 40-year collection, led by Dr. Kissin.

MSK Ultrasound Confernce
1 hr. conference devoted to MSK ultrasound for 2nd year fellows.

Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) Journal Club
Fellow picks the article, and discusses the methodology with a clinical epidemiology staff person least 1 week in advance. There are 6 research study types to choose from (cross-sectional cohort study, vs. RTC, vs. meta-analysis, etc.) as well as 4 “most impactful” recent articles and schedules at the beginning of the academic year (2-3 per fellow). It focuses on methods, possible bias, and article criticism.

Inter-Hospital Rounds (IHR)
An evening session of interesting rheumatology cases hosted by each of the major Boston teaching hospitals. Fellows formally present cases they have personally been involved with and direct a discussion of the differential diagnosis, diagnostic studies, and review the relevant literature.

Dermatology-Rheumatology Rounds
A conference devoted to shared interest with the Department of Dermatology with whom we share a Thursday morning clinic. Rheumatology and dermatology fellows take turns presenting on topics of interest to both groups. Fellows get personalized instruction and mentorship from faculty in preparing their presentations.

Lupus Seminar
Interdivisional conference with nephrology on aspects of lupus ranging from renal histopathology to genetics, to outcome measures, to treatments.

Pulmonary-Rheumatology Rounds
Faculty from rheumatology and pulmonology present jointly on conditions which are important to both section: interstitial lung disease, pulmonary hypertension, sarcoidosis, pulmonary vasculitis, allergy/urticarial/angioedema, and immunodeficiency syndromes.

JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion) Conference
Literature based discussions of societal issues as they impact the process of health and healthcare.

Reading Assignments
Every 1-2 weeks
A new topic and article is assigned with an associated clinical case, along with open ended questions for the fellows to answer. Fellows receive individualized critiques and feedback on their responses.

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