Ravid Lab: Training and Trainees’ Awards

Training Opportunities:

Commitment to training and mentoring is a mission in Dr. Ravid’s lab. Pre-and post doctoral training is supported through various grant mechanisms, including NIH-funded grants to the PI, or via training grants (in which Dr. Ravid is a member), such as pre-doc Cardiovascular Biology, directed by Dr. Katya Ravid (http://www.bumc.bu.edu/cardiograd/); post-doc Cardiovascular Biology, directed by Dr. Victoria Bolotina (https://www.bumc.bu.edu/wci-training-programs/multidisciplinary-training-program-in-cardiovascular-disease/); Hematology, Directed by Dr. Adam Lerner (http://www.bumc.bu.edu/hematology/education/); Pulmonary, Directed by Dr. Frederic F. Little (http://www.bumc.bu.edu/pulmonary/fellowships/allergyfellowship/); and more.

Awards Received by Our Trainees:

Recipients of the First, Second or Third Place Awards for PhD Thesis Work on Boston University School of Medicine Russek Day

  • grad1

    Zhengyu Wang (1998)
    Alex Thompson (1999)
    Jeffrey Zimmet (1998)

  • Ying Zhang (2003)
  • Jun Lu (2003)
  • Matthew Jones (2003)
  • Hao Nguyen (2005)


  • Cynthia St. Hilaire (2008)
  • Donald McCrann (2008)
  • Milka Koupenova-Zamor (2010)
  • Alexia Eliades (2011)
  • Hillary Johnston-Cox (2012)
  • Shannon Carroll (2013)
  • Anna Eisenstein (2014)

Recipient of BUSM Genome Science Institute Prize to Graduate Students

  • Alexia Eliades (2009)

Recipient of First or Second Prize for Abstract/Poster, Basic Sciences, Evans Research Day

  Hillary Johnston-Cox (2010)

minusKR  Milka Koupenova-Zamor (2012)

University President’s Award for Graduate Studies

  • Anna Eisenstein (2012)

Recipient of the Boston

  • Jeffrey Zimmet (1998)

Recipient of the BUSM Dean’s Award for PhD Thesis Work

  • Zhengyu Wang (1997)
    Hao Nguyen (2004)

Recipient of BU President Award for PhD Thesis Work

grad2          Zhengyu Wang (1997)

MD/PhD Dean’s Fellowship

  • Hao Nguyen (1999-2007)

Karin Grunebaum Cancer Research Foundation Award

  • Hao Nguyen (2004)

American Cancer Society Junior Research FellowshipShinobu_Matsuura

  • Hao Nguyen (2003)


  • Dr. Shinobu Matsuura (ASBMB 2015 Best Thematic Poster Award for Outstanding Research)


ASH Achievement Award & ASH Minority Medical Student Award Program (MMSAP)

  • Dr. Orly Leiva (ASH 2017 Abstract, ASH Annual Meeting; Alpha Omega)