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Principal Investigator:

Katya Ravid, Professor of Medicine and Biochemistry, Boston University School of Medicine
President, Massachusetts Academy of Sciences (

Dr. K. Ravid, trained at the Technion and MIT, is an Established Investigator with the American Heart Association, has served on editorial and advisory boards and on ASH and Purines Scientific Committees, chaired local and national conferences, such as the Gordon Research Conference on cell biology of megakaryocytes and platelets, and is the recipient of several Awards in recognition of research and teaching, such as Boston University School of Medicine Educator of the Year Award in Graduate Medical Sciences, Sidney University Professorship Award, the Weizmann Institute Rosi and Max Varon Professorship Award, and as a long-standing ASMBM member was awarded the Fulbright Scholar Award.

Founding Director, Evans Center for Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research (

Training Program Director, NHLBI-funded Training Program in Cardiovascular Biology (


“Rewarding science is born out of creativity, tenacity and generosity.” (Katya Ravid)


Past and Current
Pre (PhD training)
or Post-doctoral
Training Period Prior Academic Degree Title of Research Project Current Position (past trainees)
Source of Support (current trainees)
Degree(s) Year(s) Institutions(s)
Chen, Wen-Chen











Harvard School of Public Health


Thrombopoietin-inducible genes


Research Associate, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, HMS, Boston, MA; then Dental school, Dentist in CA

Frances, Cynthia


Post 1996-2000 PhD 1996 Boston University School of Medicine Adenosine receptors in platelets and vascular smooth muscle Senior Researcher and then consultant, Proctor & Gamble (until 2015; retired)
Sun, Shinshin (Ivon)


Post 1995-1999 PhD 1995 St. John University, NY Regulation of the endomitotic cell cycle in megakaryocytes Assistant Professor, North Shore-Long Island Jewish Research Institute Phytochemical Lab, Manhasset, NY
Thompson, Alex*


Pre 1995-1999 MS 1990 University of Coleraine, Ireland Regulation of endomitosis in megakaryocytes Associate Professor in Translational Stem Cell Technology, Division of Cancer and Stem Cells, Wolfson Centre for Stem Cells, Tissue Engineering & Modelling (STEM), Centre for Biomedical Sciences, University of Nottingham, UK
Zhao, Zhihui




1994-2000 MD, PhD 1993


Beijing Med. Univ., China Adenosine receptors in platelets and vascular smooth muscle Sr. Director, Antibody & Protein Discovery, QLB Bio-therapeutics Inc. (2017-present); Sr. Scientist, Bioscience Technologies, Inc, Waltham, MA; (2008-2017); Assistant Professor of Medicine, BUSM (2002-2008)
Zimmet, Jeffrey*


Pre P


1995-1998 BS 1993


Wesleyan Univ., CT Regulation of the endomitotic cell cycle in megakaryocytes Associate Professor of Medicine, Univ California San Francisco; Interventional Cardiology, San Francisco VAMC
Cataldo, Leah


Post 1995-1997 PhD 1995 University of Massachusetts Thrombopoietin-induced genes Science Department Dean, Buckingham Browne & Nichols School, Cambridge, MA
Hechler, Beatrice


Post 1998-2000 PhD





Etablissement Français du Sang-Alsace

Strasbourg, FR.

Overexpression of the P2Y1 receptor specifically in megakaryocytes and platelets from transgenic mice Researcher Group Leader, INSERM, University of Strasbourg, France
Pierron, Anne




2001 BA Unknown University of Nice,


Effect of adenosine analogs on cell growth Research Associate, University of Nice, France
Jones, Matthew* P


Pre P 1999-2003 BA 1996


University of Delaware Regulation of ploidy in vascular smooth muscle and megakaryocytes Assistant Professor; Director, Molecular Medicine Graduate Program, Boston University Med School
Kaluzhny, Yulia


Pre 1996-2001 MS 1990 Moscow State Institute, Moscow, USSR Lineage determination and apoptosis of megakaryocytes Senior Scientist, MatTek Corp., Ashland, MA
Lu, Jun*


Pre 1997-2003 MSc 1996 Nanjing University, Nanjing, P.R. China Nucleosome assembly proteins in hematopoiesis Associate Professor, Genetics, Yale Dept of Genetics and Stem Cell Center
Wang, Zenhngyu (Zack) *


Pre 1994-1998 BS 1990 East China University of Chem. Technology


Transcriptional regulation of cyclin D3 in megakaryocytes; implication for cell maturation and platelet production Director, Ross flow cytometry core
Associate Professor
Division of Hematology, Johns Hopkins Medicine,Center for Molecular MedicineMaine Medical Center Research Institute (until 2012)
Yaar, Ron




1998-2002 BSc 1996 Boston University


Regulation of expression of the A3 adenosine receptor in the vasculature Senior Pathologist, Aurora Diagnostics, North Carolina; (until 2010 was Assistant Professor, Director of Resident and International Dermatopathology Training
Dermato-pathology, Boston Medical Center)
Zhang, Ying*


Pre 1998-2003 MSc 1988 Univ. Science & Technol, Hefei, China, BSC, 1979, Shanghai Inst. of Biochemistry Mechanism of thrombopoietin effect on platelet development CEO of a Biotech start up in China (former Instructor of Medicine, Boston University, Med)
Dharmaraj, Chinnapen


Post 1999-2000 PhD 1994 All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India Regulation of polyploidy during hematopoiesis Senior Researcher, Sema4, A Spinout Company of the Mount Sinai Health System; Previously at Florida Cancer Specialists and Research Institute, Fort Myers, Florida
Nguyen, Hao*




2001-2005 BA 1999 Univ. of Cal. Berkely The regulation of Aurora-kinase stability and its role in polyploidization and transformation Goldberg-Benioff Endowed Professorship in Cancer Biology, Assistant Professor of Urology, UCSF, CA; formerly Clinical Fellow, (Resident in Surgery until 2014), Univ. California Davis Medical Center
Yu, Guangyao


Pos 2000-2002 MD, PhD 1997 Henan Medical University, Zhengzhou, Henan, China (MD; Tongji Medical University, China (PhD) Control of megakaryocyte ploidy and apoptosis Research Scientist, Tetralogic Pharmaceuticals, Malvern, PA


St.Hilaire, Cynthia*


Pre 2004-2008 BS 2001 Univ. of Vermont Adenosine receptor function in the vasculature Assistant Professor of Cardiology, Vascular Medicine Institute, University of Pittsburgh; (Postdoctoral Fellow, NHLBI till 2015)
McCrann, Donald Jr. *


Pre P 2004-2008 BS 2001 Yale University Polyploidy and vascular function Research Group Leader, IDEXX Laboratories, Westbrook, ME; (Postdoctoral Fellow, Maine Medical Research Center (until 2011)
Liu, Kenian


Post 2005-2006 PhD 2002 Univ. of Arkansas

Med Sci,

Hematopoiesis and ploidy regulation Assistant Professor, Moffitt Cancer Center &University of South Florida (prior: Researcher, UMDNJ, Center for Human and Molecular Genetics, Newark, NJ)
Makitalo, Maria



(MA courses)

2005-2007 MA 2004 Sweden Transcriptional signatures in lineage restricted genes PhD researcher, Sweden
Rier, Andrea L


Undergraduate Summer 2005 BS 2006 Virginia University Adenosine analogs and cell cycle inhibition Practicing Family Medicine, (trained at Lancaster General Hospital, Lancaster, PA)
Yang, Dan










San Yat-Sen and Hunan Univ., China The role of A2b adenosine receptors in inflammation and vascular pathology Senior Staff Scientist, NHLBI
Papadantonakis, Nicholas


Pre 2007-2010 MD 2006 University of Crete Regulation of polyploidy in bone marrow cells Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Alabama Med School; Formerly Hem/Onc Fellow, Cleveland Clinic (before that: MD Resident, Internal Medicine, Jacobi Medical Center/Albert Einstein College of Medicine)
Burridge, Kelley Post 2010 PhD 2007 Boston University Oxidative Stress and megakaryocyte polyploidy Investigator, FDA
Eliades, Alexia*


Pre 2007-2011 BA 2005 University of Athens Greece Bone marrow megakarypoiesis Research Associate, University of Manchester, England
Chen, Hongjie


Post 2007-2011 PhD 2000 Chinese Academy of Sciences The role of adenosine receptors is angiogenesis Assistant Professor, Dept Genetics and Genomic Sciences, Ichan School of Medicine, Mount Sinai; Assistant Director, Clinical Genetics Division, Mt. Sinai Medical School, NY
Koupenova-Zamor, Milka*



Then Post

2005-2010 (Pre); 2010-2011 (post) BS 2003 Univ. of Cal.

Los Angeles

The role of A2b adenosine receptors in vascular proliferation Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Mass Medical School
Bhupatiraju, Ajoy V Post 2010-present PhD 2006 India Tech Inst Oxidase control of megakaryo-poiesis Head, Dept of Microbiology,
Regional Research and Analytical Laboratory,
A division of Ananda Enterprises (India) Pvt. ltd,
Kovvada , Bhimavaram-534202
Johnston-Cox, Hlillary*


Pre (MD/PhD) 2009-2014 BS 2007 Univ. of Cal. San Diego The role of A2b adenosine receptors in vascular disease Cardiology Fellow, U Penn; Formerly MD resident, Mt. Sinai Medical School, NY
Carroll, Shannon*


Pre 2009-2013 BS, MA 2004,


University of Arizona Adenosine receptors and stem cell niche Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard Medical School
Eisenstein, Anna* Pre (MD/PhD) 2010-2014 BA 2008 Middlebury College Adenosine receptors and mesenchymal stem cell differentiation Medical Resident, Yale School of Medicine
Mi, Rongjuan Post 2012-2015 PhD 12/2008 Clemson University,  Clemson, South Carolina


Control of BM matrix by megakaryocyte LOX


Quality Engineer, Mathworks, Natick, MA
Patterson, Shenia Pre (MD/PhD) 2012-2016 BS 2010 Spelman College, Atlanta Molecular mechanisms of effects of adenosine on vascular tone Medical Residency (Internal Medicine), University of South Carolina (MUSC) in Charleston, SC
Lieva, Orly Medical Student (MD) 2016-2018 BS 2013 Wright State University, Magna Cum Laude Control of Bone marrow cell stem-induced myelofibrosis Internal Medicine Resident Physician,
Brigham and Women’s Hospital;
Clinical Fellow, Harvard Medical School; 2016 Alpha Omega Alpha Carolyn L. Kuckein Student Research Fellowship; 2016 ASH Hematology Opportunities for the Next-Generation of Research Scientists (HONORS) Award
Ng, Seng Kah Post Doc 2016-2018 PhD 2010 Temasek Life Science Laboratory / National University of Singapore


Mechanosensing and megakaryocyte properties Scientist, ALSTEM, INC

San Pablo, California

Walker, Joshua Post Doc 2016-present PhD 2016 Boston College LOX and uremic solutes control of thrombosis In Dr. Chitalia’s lab collaboratively with Dr. Ravid
Lucero, Hector Research Associate 2014-present (part time) PhD 1990 University of Buenos Aires Argentina Control of Bone marrow  matrix by megakaryocyte LOX


In Dr. Ravid’s lab (part time)
Matsuura, Shinobu Post 2011-2016 Post Doc;


DVM, PhD 2006 DVM: Universidade de Sao Paulo;
PhD: University of Tokyo
Megakaryocyte adhesion properties and significance for myelofibrosis Instructor of Medicine, BU School of Medicine;

In Dr. Ravid’s lab

Mazzeo, Carla Post 2018-present PhD 2010 Autonomous University of Madrid Mechanisms of bone marrow myelofibrosis In Dr. Ravid’s lab
Ward, Christina Post 2018-present PhD 2016 Augusta University Matrix Mechanosensing by megakaryocytes In Dr. Ravid’s lab
Thompson, Cristal Post 2018-present PhD 2018 University of Notre Dame Primary myelofibrosis and thrombosis In Dr. Ravid’s lab
Karagianni, Katerina


Pre (PhD) 2018-present MS 2018 University of Crete, Greece Megakaryocyte specific KO of LOX- implications for bone and PMF In Dr. Ravid’s lab
Gaye, Maissa


Post (PhD) 2019-present PhD 2015 Indiana University, Bloomington, IN Proteomics of mutated megakaryocytes In Dr. Ravid’s lab
Piasecki, Andrew


Undergraduate Studies 2019-2021 Pursuing PhD 2015 Fall, 2021, Northeastern University, Boston, MA Focus: Impact of JAK2 on ß1 integrin r/t Proteomics of mutated megakaryocytes In Dr. Ravid’s lab

(*) Award Recipients


Students from Greece in Dr. Ravid’s lab

Starting in 2012

Student Number: Name: Summer spent in lab: School attended in Greece: Email address:


Alexandra Koutsolelou

summer of 2012

University of Athens, Biology


Efstratios Kofopoulos – Lymperis

summer of 2012

University of Crete, Medicine


Emmanouela Tsagkaraki

summer of 2013

University of Crete, Medicine


Michail Kontakis

summer of 2013

University of Crete, Medicine


George Kalarakis

summer of 2014

University of Crete, Medicine


Eleni Terezaki

summer of 2014

University of Crete, Medicine


Eugenia Stagaki

summer of 2019

University of Crete, Medical School (via Dr. Dimitris Kardassis)