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Highlights of Ravid’s lab contribution to the field of polyploidy in context of platelets and vascular function, podcasted in a Science editorial interview article (Science vol 343 14, Feb 2014, page 725):

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New drugs for myelofibrosis as basis for a clinical trial

Researchers identify two drugs that delay bone marrow cancer development

To read more see the featured article on the BU School of Medicine page as well as News Break and also referenced in a March 22, 2021, posting by


New possible treatment approach to primary myelofibrosis

Researchers Attempt New Treatment Approach for Blood Cancer

Discovering new Paths to Thrombosis published in Science Translational Medicine:

Understanding a Therapeutic “Paradox” for Treating Thrombo-Vascular Complications in Kidney Disease


Discovery of a new pathway involved in control of thrombosis:

Researchers Discover Key Pathway Involved in Blood Vessel Occlusion

Researchers discover key pathway involved in blood vessel occlusion

Key pathway involved in blood vessel occlusion discovered


Adenosine signaling promotes hematopoietic stem and progenitor cell emergence

BUSM study identifies Adenosine Receptor’s role in regulating high fat diet-induced obesity and Type 2 Diabetes

Study identifies receptor’s role in regulating obesity, type 2 diabetes

Blood Cover, Volume 116, Number 12, Sept 2010.

Representative Reviews:

Emerging Factors Implicated in Fibrotic Organ-Associated Thrombosis: The Case of Two Organs. Leiva O, Bekendam RH, Garcia BD, Thompson C, Cantor A, Chitalia V, Ravid K. TH Open. 2019 Apr; 3(2):e165-e170.View Related Profiles. PMID: 31259299

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