Information Resources

Our program provides unique and abundant resources to support and enrich the residents learning experience.

The Orthopaedic Department Library is specifically designed for the residents. Easily accessible 24/7, the Ortho library is conveniently located on a quiet administrative floor and provides a private space to spread out for reading, presentation prep, etc. A wealth of resources from the most current journals, texts, and video supplements are available.

The BU Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine Library is located steps from the center in the middle of the medical campus and provides a rich learning environment.

Internet Access
Available from multiple areas throughout the hospital and ortho resident lounges is access to multiple computer terminals. Wireless is also available in strategic areas of the center.

Online Resources
Unlimited access to online journals, publications, etc. are available to the residents to enhance learning. All medical programs for patients are available as well.

The “Dug Out”
Affectionately referred to as the “dug out” is the resident lounge. Easily accessible 24/7, you will find most residents working online, reading, searching for research forms, or escaping for a quiet moment and a laugh with colleagues. This is also where old shoes are kept, so enter at your own risk.

Fresh Air
Because the center is located on a campus that is eco-friendly, it is easy to quickly step outside for a breath of fresh air. There are 2 quads to eat lunch in (when possible) read on a picnic bench, or just walk through to one of the local and well known Boston lunch depots.