How to Apply


The home of the American Revolution and one of our nation’s most historically prominent cities, Boston maintains eminence in many fields, especially the sciences and medicine. Residents training in Boston have many educational opportunities, including many local conferences and lectures. In addition to those courses offered in the area, residents have the opportunity to attend orthopaedic conferences around the country with the support of the residency program.

Our program develops physicians who are well rounded orthopaedic surgeons, possessing the technical skills to perform all orthopaedic surgical procedures at a superior level and, equally important, the analytical skills to understand and apply the advances in orthopaedic surgery that will shape the future of our specialty. We expect that many of our residents will choose further study to develop expertise in a defined area of orthopaedic surgery. Graduates of our program have been exceptionally successful in their quest for fellowship positions. However, it is the goal of the program to train orthopaedic surgeons so they are prepared to enter orthopaedic practice immediately upon completion of the residency.

Please contact Lynnette St. Louis, Program Coordinator with questions at 617-638-8934 or email her at