On-Call Requirements

Boston Medical Center
While on rotation at Boston Medical Center, three residents are on call each night. A chief resident is on call from home, and a senior and junior night float resident in house. At each level, call averages only every fourth night.  Call can be demanding while at BMC, the areas busiest level-one trauma center, so two residents are assigned to share the responsibility and act as a team. Senior and junior residents are required to go home in the morning after being on call.

Lahey Clinic
Call is shared by all 5 residents rotating at Lahey Clinic averaging every fifth night. Residents take in-house call by themselves and are required to go home in the morning after being on call.

The Boston Veterans Administration
Residents take home call while on rotation to the VA, averaging every fourth night. This rotation is shared with the Harvard residency program, as is the call responsibility.

Institution Call Frequency Type Comments
BMC Junior, Senior Q4 In-house Three-tiered system, covering entire medical center.
BMC Chief Q4 Home
Lahey Clinic —– Q5 In-house
Boston VA —– Q4 Home
Children’s Q4 In-house One weekend night
MGH Onc In-house Only two 24 hour weekend call for entire block