Scholastic Activities and Resources

The program strives to provide a learning environment to equip residents with the necessary tools to embark on their academic, research, and medical endeavors.

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Cadaver Labs – Smith and Nephew Headquarters, Waltham, MA Arthroscopy Labs

Bone School

Held every Friday (8:00am-11:30am), “bone school” is a protected didactic academic time where attendings from various departments and surrounding teaching hospitals lecture on topics from a two year rotating schedule. The last hour is dedicated to resident directed teaching by the senior and chief residents.

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Research and Academic Conferences

Research development is an integral part of clinical training in the program. Dr.’s Duncan, Tornetta, and other faculty members participate in and lead national and international research studies with world renowned surgeons. Residents in the program participate in those studies. Additionally, residents are required to complete a minimum of one approved written research project by the end of residency training.

The program encourages residents to embrace research as an important tool in advancing the future of orthopaedic surgery.

Residents showcase their research through oral and/or poster presentations at local and national meetings as well as in the JBJS, JOT, and other orthopaedic publications.

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