Orthopaedic Spine Fellowship

Our fellowship is an intense one-year program intended to foster academic careers for those Orthopaedics and or Neurosurgery trained graduates who are interested in pursuing further expertise in spinal surgery.  At present, there is a significant enthusiasm and shift toward less invasive spine techniques, and our fellowship offers the unique training with some of the worldwide leaders in this field.  Additionally, the consistency and diversity of cases allow the trainee to formulate the appropriate management and deliver the standard of care to a wide spectrum of spinal pathologies. Furthermore, our training will help the fellow acquire the surgical expertise to tackle the various pathologies of the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine via standard open and minimally invasive techniques.

Additional academic opportunities are offered, and active participation of the fellow is required in the following areas: spine biomechanical testing projects, basic science, and clinical investigations.  Our ultimate goal is to help our fellow become a sound clinician, an expert surgeon, and a leader scientist.

Program Director: Tony Tannoury, MD


  • Tony Tannoury, MD (Adult and Adolescent Spine)
  • Chadi Tannoury, MD (Adult and Adolescent Spine)
  • Louis Gerstenfeld, PhD (Research Lab)

Contact:  Lynnette St. Louis



Percent of Fellowship devoted to Operative Care:  70%

Non-Operative Care:  30%

Research/Publication Obligation:  Yes

Approximate percentage of exposure to the Spine by region:

Cervical:               40%

Thoracic:              20%

Lumbar:                40%

Approximate percentage of Fellowship exposure to the Spine by diagnostic category:

Degenerative:        50%

Trauma:                25%

Deformity:             10%

Tumor:                 10%

Pediatric:              5%