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Greetings to all!  The AAOS Annual meeting is coming up in San Francisco, CA and hope to get everyone together at the reception.  This past year, we graduated another stellar class and have added five more members to the BUOSAA membership:

Zachary Berliner, M.D. – Adult Reconstruction Fellowship, University of Pennsylvania

Rikki Koehler, M.D. – Pediatric Fellowship, Texas Scottish Rite

Alyssa Rothman, M.D. – Hand Surgery, Upper Extremity, and Microvascular Surgery Fellowship

Duke University

Thomas Seaver, M.D. – Traumatology Fellowship, Harborview Medical Center

David Sing, M.D. – Spine Fellowship, San Diego Spine Foundation


Department Activities:

We’ve recently added additional faculty to the Boston Medical Center group:

Nathan Olszewski, MD – Trauma

Ron McCartney, MD – Pediatrics


The Lahey group also added additional faculty:

Naveen Pattisapu, MD – Foot & Ankle


25th Annual Robert E. Leach, MD Visiting Professorship Symposium & 50th Anniversary of the Orthopaedic Surgery Residency Program

On Friday, November 18, 2022, the residency program celebrated our 50th year anniversary!  This event was delayed due to Covid-19 but we were able to celebrate in person with the founder of the program Robert E. Leach, MD.  Alumni traveled back to Boston to attend the symposium with our keynote speaker – Bruce Reider, MD and some alumni participated in giving great lectures as well.  The evening was topped off with dinner at the Boston Harbor Hotel.

Leach Symposium Agenda 11.18.2022

Photo creds Derek Palmer

BUOSAA Annual Alumni Reception

Our annual reception at the AAOS Annual Meeting will be held in San Francisco, CA, Date & Location TBD

16th Annual G. Richard Paul, MD Distinguished Lectureship & Symposium

Date: Friday, June 21, 2024



Dues are the lifeline of the organization.  We are in need of growing our organization and financial support is greatly appreciated so we can continue to have alumni events, like the one we did in Boston for the Hand Society.  Please send checks to:

BUOSA Alumni

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Thank you for your support and representing Boston University Orthopaedic Surgical Associates Alumni.