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The mission of the Department of Ophthalmology and the BU Vision Research Community is to continuously strive to take the data we derive from laboratory experiments and apply it to human disease. We continue to participate in human clinical studies of new drug agents.  Our translational research component is connected with the biomedical engineering department, and we are working on devices to improve the lives of those who are blind. In addition, we participate in numerous projects designed to improve care delivery to our clients, particularly to vulnerable populations of patients, such as the elderly, recent immigrants, veterans, and the homeless. A clinical studies coordinator supports this program that has developed a number of new clinical studies. To support our investigators and to expand our collaborations across disciplines there is an Ocular Imaging and Histology Core for the Vision Research Community of BU. This brings faculty from different research disciplines into a vibrant cohesive research community that promotes research collaborations, expansion, sustainability, and leadership of the BU Vision Research Community.


Finnegan Calabro, PhD

Jiang-Fan Chen, MD, PhD

Stephen P. Christiansen, MD

M. Carter Cornwall, PhD

Alice Cronin-Golomb, PhD

Mary Daly, MD

William Eldred, PhD

Lindsay Farrer, PhD

Lee Goldstein, MD, PhD

Haiyan Gong, MD, PhD

Mark Grinstaff, PhD

Robert Hausman, PhD

Deeba Hussain, MD

Gyungah Jun, PhD

Darren Lee, PhD

Jennifer I Luebke, PhD

Ennio Mingolla, PhD

Matthew A. Nugent, PhD

Christopher L. Passaglia, PhD

Vasiliki Poulaki, MD

Nader Rahimi, PhD

Kenneth Rothschild, PhD

Sayon Roy, PhD

Michele Rucci, PhD

Jean L. Spencer, PhD

Andrew W. Taylor, PhD, FARVO

Vickery Trinkaus-Randall, PhD

Lucia M Vaina, MD, PhD

Jason Chih-Hung Wang, MD, PhD

Joyce Y Wong, PhD

Joseph Zaia, PhD


Training Programs: