Research Programs

Research at the Department of Ophthalmology within the Massachusetts Lions Eye Research Laboratory covers a broad range from studies addressing the basic fundamental processes involved in controlling ocular cell function to those that aim to identify ways to reverse visual loss in various pathological conditions. Our team of research scientists uses modern molecular biology and biochemical approaches in conjunction with animal models and clinical specimens to address several major topic areas including:

1. Mechanisms of angiogenesis and new treatments for retinal vasculopathies
2. Gene therapy for retinal and neurodegenerative disorders
3. Corneal epithelial cell physiology and wound healing
4. Mechanisms controlling aqueous humor outflow resistance and therapies for glaucoma.
5. Pathogenesis of diabetic retinopathy

Researchers in the Department also interact with the larger visual science research community and clinical ophthalmologists throughout Boston University. The complementary skills of the research team allows for collaborative cross-disciplinary research projects to develop, and provides a valuable component to inform the clinical research efforts throughout the Department. The Massachusetts Lions Eye Research Laboratories recruit the most outstanding scientists and provide an environment that promotes research excellence that will lead to new understanding of and new treatments for vision threatening diseases.


Stephen P. Christiansen, MD

Yan Dai, PhD

Haiyan Gong, MD, PhD

Hyunjoo Lee, MD, PhD

Sharmila Masli, PhD

Nader Rahimi, PhD

Sayon Roy, PhD

Yuzuru Sasamoto, MD, PhD

Andrew W. Taylor, PhD

Vickery Trinkaus-Randall, PhD