Manishi Desai, MD
Babak Eliassi-Rad, MD (Service Director)
Haben Kefella, MD


Offers comprehensive medical and surgical diagnosis
for the treatment of the various forms of glaucoma,
as well as treatment of cataracts.


  • Visual fields
  • Tonometry (multiple types, including abnormal corneas)
  • Optic disc, fundus and external photography
  • Retinal nerve fiber layer imaging (Spectral domain OCT)
  • Anterior segment ultrasound biomicroscopy
  • Anterior segment OCT

Treatments Offered:

  • Comprehensive medical therapy of glaucoma
  • Laser therapy of glaucoma
  • Wide range of glaucoma surgery, including trabeculectomy with anti-metabolite therapy and implantation of drainage valves.
  • MIGs procedures (minimally invasive glaucoma surgery)
  • Cyclodestructive procedures
  • Cataract surgery (alone or combined with glaucoma surgery)

For an appointment call:

(617)638-8350 (Boston)
(508)823-7473 (Suburban Offices)