Inclusion and Mission Statement

In medicine today, as is the case with many other fields, technology has eliminated the barriers associated with geography, language, and culture. We are virtually linked by social and professional electronic networks. To give an opinion or feedback, a person simply types or speaks into a device. Then with a single click, one’s voice cannot only reach a single person but potentially millions. To put it simply, technology has literally connected the world with the touch of a finger – we are“ global”.  Indeed, this capability is truly mind boggling, frightening, and amazing. We are immediately exposed to new ways of thinking, working, and living with this incredible means to communicate across the globe and across cultures. This link reveals that everyone’s everyday reality can be different and necessitates tolerance and respect – there is a need to acknowledge our differences and to embrace them.

This is even more critical in medicine as gaining the trust of our patients, colleagues, staff, residents, and students requires more than a click. It requires attention, compassion, respect, and openness. Seeing beyond differences by seeing our common humanity best allows us to make connections beyond the virtual and to make a difference. Here at Boston Medical Center (BMC) and Boston University Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine, the mission is to do just that – provide “exceptional care without exception” period! The Department of Ophthalmology is no exception to this mission, and should reflect the hospital’s core values—empathy, respect, perseverance, and strength in diversity. We as a faculty recognize we are here to provide care with the utmost integrity, knowledge, quality, and compassion. Our daily mission in our Department is to translate these core values into all aspects of our clinical care, education, and research. We strive to always recognize our similarities and respect our diversity to find that human connection that leads to meaningful engagement amongst us all.

To this end, we welcome faculty, residents, and staff from all backgrounds. We recognize and encourage the importance of valuing, respecting, and accepting differences regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and/or culture. The diversity of our workplace is truly our greatest strength, and this enhances our patient experiences, hopefully giving patients a sense of support and comfort. Keeping an open environment also encourages everyone to view themselves as member of a community not just a healthcare facility.

Our Department is steadfast to maintain and encourage this mission to create impactful growth and opportunity. We commit to maintain an environment of inclusion every day. We anticipate this mission will only continue to be paid forward as faculty, staff, graduating students and residents weave this common thread into their interactions and experiences beyond BMC, i.e., our growing local and global community.