Pain is a natural part of human existence. Alleviating pain that interferes with the basic and advanced activities of daily living, both chronic and acute, is the goal of pain management. To this end, pain management is diagnostically driven to determine the underlying etiologies of somatic, visceral nociceptive, and neuropathic pain in order to deliver pharmacological and interventional treatments to improve quality of life.

Boston University Pain and Headache (BUPH) is a multidisciplinary group dedicated to the treatment of pain. The group is based in the Boston University Department of Neurology. For nearly ten years our group has been at the forefront of pain management and was born out of the increasing recognition of this common and often underestimated problem. We are proud to be one of the few multidisciplinary pain management groups in an academic Neurology department.


Michael D. Perloff, MD, PhD
Sunali Shah, MD
Bianca Carson, MD

Ongoing clinical studies and grants:

The Boston University Pain and Headache (BUPH) group has had previous clinical research in lumbar puncture-related headaches and interventional pain procedures, as well as pain medicine in the urgent care setting.

Currently, IRB protocols are in progress for double-blinded trials on lumbar puncture headache prophylaxis and BMI and low back pain.

Ongoing projects include off-label NMDA antagonists for chronic pain and Xray as screening tool in low back pain. 

Recent publications:

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