As the principal teaching affiliate of Boston University School of Medicine, Boston Medical Center (BMC) is devoted to training future generations of health care professionals. Every member of the hospital’s medical and dental staff holds an academic appointment at the Boston University School of Medicine or at the Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine. BMC operates 71 residency training programs with 821 resident and fellowship positions.

The Department of Neurology is committed to the integration of new understanding of the neurobiology of disease into the clinical practice of neurology and the training of neurological physicians, in order to provide better health care for patients with neurological diseases. The primary missions of the Department of Neurology are:

  • to provide excellent, state-of-the-art medical care to patients with neurological diseases,
  • to contribute to the advancement of new knowledge through basic and clinical neuroscience research, and
  • to train physicians who will possess the skills to deliver comprehensive neurological care and advance new knowledge in the clinical neurosciences.

These missions are executed at the Boston Medical Center and the Boston Veterans Administration Medical Center. These institutions have been the source of significant contributions to the history of American Neurology and, today, are busy clinical services that provide care to patients with a broad range of acute and chronic neurological diseases. This tradition of scientific investigation, training and patient care continues within active programs in behavioral neurology, memory disorders, neuroepidemiology, movement disorders, neurogenetics, stroke, epilepsy and neurocritical care. We hope that you will find the accompanying information about the department, residency training program and fellowships informative.