Sleep Medicine

The Sleep Medicine division has been focused  on a wide spectrum of clinically oriented efforts. Current efforts include an examination of CPAP compliance in OSA patients with COVID-19. We are also exploring the impact of a special program designed to provide CPAP units to an, otherwise, underserved population. Collaborative efforts have also been ongoing with the Human Neurophysiology laboratory in the Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology. Recent efforts have been focused on the social impact of circadian rhythms. Other collaborative efforts have been ongoing with the Brain and Aging  section of the Framingham Heart Study.


Sanford H. Auerbach, M.D.
Joshua August, MD, Pediatric Neurology (Sleep Division)
Emily Cournoyer, NP
Natalia Sedo, NP
Alexis Cushman, NP

Ongoing projects
  • Sleep Polysomnographic bio markers of anxiety and depression
  • The impact of CPAP compliance on survival from COVID-19 in patients with OSA
  • The impact of a special CPAP  program on outcomes in underserved OSA patients
Recent Publications

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