Neuroinfectious Disease Division 

A broad range of bacterial, viral, fungal, and parasitic infections have the potential to affect the nervous system, either directly or indirectly. The Division of Neuro-Infectious Diseases provides care for patients with neurologic complications of infectious diseases and conducts research on the causes, natural history, and management of these disorders. Our work is fueled by the remarkable population of patients we care for at Boston Medical Center, which both includes one of the largest HIV/AIDS program in the New England area and has a particular commitment to serving the needs of immigrants, including refugees and asylum seekers. Our neuro-infectious diseases practice is therefore enriched for neurologic complications of HIV/AIDS, including opportunistic infections such as progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy, toxoplasmosis, and cryptococcosis; and geographically restricted infections that are otherwise uncommon in the United States, such as neurocysticercosis and tropical spastic paraparesis. Dr. Cervantes-Arslanian has additional training in stroke and neurocritical care and has particular expertise in neurologic complications of COVID-19, infectious causes of stroke, neurosurgical infections, and infectious in the Neuro-ICU. Dr. Anand has additional training in neuroimmunology and has particular expertise in encephalitis, myelitis, neurologic complications of immunosuppression, and neuro-inflammatory complications of infectious diseases. Our primary aim is to improve the diagnosis and treatment of patients with neuro-infectious diseases through patient care, expert consultation, education, and research. Please reach out for opportunities to collaborate.

Specific areas of current research:

  1. COVID 19
    1. Characterizing neurologic complications of hospitalized patients with COVID-19
    2. Observational study of recovery post-COVID including development of neurologic complications and those with “long-haul” COVID
  2. Infectious Endocarditis (collaboration with CT surgery, cardiology, infectious disease, and addiction medicine)
    1. Characterizing neurologic complications in tricuspid valve disease
    2. Investigating acute stroke treatment options for IE related stroke
  3. Neurocysticercosis
    1. Looking at treatments and outcomes specifically for subarachnoid neurocysticosis
  4. Infection in Hospitalized patients with acute severe traumatic brain injury (collaboration with NCC, Neurosurgery, and Trauma Surgery/Surgical Critical Care)
Research Faculty

Anna Cervantes-Arslanian, MD and Pria Anand, MD in collaboration with colleagues in the Division of Infectious Diseases, the Immigrant Health Center, the National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratory, and throughout the Department of Neurology.

  • Pria Anand: Simon Grinspoon Junior Faculty Research Grant
  • Anna Cervantes-Arslanian: Site PI for Impact of Fever Prevention in Brain Injured Patient (INTREPID)
Selected Publications:

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