Pria Anand, MD

Assistant Professor of Neurology Director, Neurology Residency

  • Title Assistant Professor of Neurology
    Director, Neurology Residency
  • Office Shapiro Building, 725 Albany St., 7th floor, Boston, MA 02118
  • Phone 617-638-8456
  • Education Undergraduate: Yale University (2010)
    Medical School: Stanford University (2014)
    Internship: University of North Carolina (2015)
    Residency: Johns Hopkins Hospital (2018)
    Fellowship: Massachusetts General Hospital (2019)

Pria Anand, MD received her BA degree in cognitive science at Yale University and her MD with a concentration in biomedical ethics and medical humanities at Stanford University. She completed her neurology residency at Johns Hopkins, where she received the Thomas J. Preziosi Award for Clinical Excellence in Neurology and the Frank L. Coulson, Jr. Award for Clinical Excellence for “a level of mastery in interpersonal skills, humanism, diagnostic acumen, knowledge, and a scholarly approach to clinical practice”. She completed the Advanced General Neurology fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital with a focus on neuro-infectious diseases, neuroimmunology, and neurologic manifestations of systemic diseases.

Dr. Anand practices at Boston University Medical Center, where she cares for hospitalized patients with acute neurological disorders and for patients with neurological complications of infectious diseases, including HIV, neurocysticercosis, meningitis, and encephalitis. She is the chief of the Division of Hospital Neurology, and her academic work primarily focuses on neuro-infectious diseases and neurologic health equity.

In January 2023 Dr. Anand was appointed the Director of Neurology Residency Program.

Board Certifications: Neurology

Special Interests: neuro-infectious diseases, acute and hospital-based neurology, neurological manifestations of systemic diseases, narrative medicine, healthcare disparities


2020: “Attending Educator of the Year Award” in recognition of outstanding dedication to resident teaching
2018: Thomas J. Preziosi Award for Clinical Excellence in Neurology
2018: Frank L. Coulson, Jr. Award for Clinical Excellence for “level of mastery in interpersonal skills, humanism, diagnostic acumen, knowledge, and a scholarly approach to clinical practice”
2015: Farmer Award in recognition of “truly compassionate care”
2014: Inducted into the Gold Humanism Honor Society


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