Clinician Educator Track

Goal: The goal of the Clinician Educator Track is to prepare residents for a career in academic medicine and other settings in which they will engage in teaching and mentorship. Residents will have opportunities to practice teaching under the supervision of core education faculty and to liaison with other trainees passionate about teaching. Residents also have the opportunity to work closely with medical students under the direction of the clerkship director. The Clinician Educator Track is a certificate program, which will make graduates more competitive for future positions in clinical education.

Program details: Residents enrolled in the Clinician Educator track must fulfill three requirements to graduate with the distinction:

  1. Completion of a two-week Resident as Teacher education elective in their senior year
  2. Participation in medical education journal club discussions
  3. Completion of a medical education project under the supervision of a core education faculty member OR completion of 15 logged hours of formal teaching (for example, didactics and small group discussions; excluding rounds or other informal teaching)

The Resident as Teacher elective is a two-week elective designed to help senior residents solidify their teaching skills in formalized settings. Residents are provided with a two-week schedule during which they are observed leading morning report case conferences, delivering a didactics lecture on a topic of their choice, leading a journal club discussion on an article in education research, and teaching medical students one-on-one as part of “bedside teaching”. Importantly, all of these activities are evaluated by a faculty member who provides immediate feedback. Residents are also provided a short list of articles on education theory to study during protected time in their elective schedule. Finally, the feedback for individual activities is aggregated and discussed with the resident at the end of the rotation, and residents are provided with a formal, written, cumulative evaluation.

For more information, contact Sunali Shah, MD, an Associate Program Director and director of the Resident as Teacher elective.

Medical Education Journal Club held at Blackstone Square park near campus.