Applying to Residency in Internal Medicine



Applying in IM 2023-2024? Here’s what you should be doing over the summer!

  1. Meet with your Medicine FSA. 

  1. Review your personal statement and attend one of the Student Affairs workshops: 

    • Tues, July 18th 5-6:30pm  
    • Wed, Aug 9th 5-6:30pm 
    • Thurs Aug 31st 5-6:30pm 
  1. Start working on a program list—resources to use include FREIDA-AMA, Texas STAR-Dashboard 2023 and your FSA and school Deans. 

  1. Please reach out to Liv Colman email: if you have not already, to set up a meeting with Dr. Ananthakrishnan regarding your medicine Departmental letter. 

  1. You will also need to meet with Dr. Hollenberg as part of your Departmental letter. Please contact Vanessa Nguyen, email: 

  1. Submit here by August 28th at 5pm: 

  • ERAS application draft
  • Personal statement draft
  • CV (updated to reflect all your activities as of August 2023)
  • Medical school transcript (updated with all rotations up to August 2023, including block 10)
    • Instructions on how to request your unofficial transcript here
  • Program signal list
  • Geographic signal list