Applying to Residency in Internal Medicine

Advice for Students Fall 2022 from the Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine (AAIM)

Recommendations for Students

  • Students should take the time to learn about programs and reflect on what is important to them before they apply. Some resources to assist with this focus include FREIDA, AAMC Residency Explorer, individual residency program websites, and residency program social media accounts. Pay attention to what features programs highlight about themselves; these will be areas of particular importance to applicants.
  • Students should not apply to a program that they would not rank.
  • Students should not interview with more than one program in a day.
  • Students should feel comfortable cancelling interviews as the season progresses if the scheduled interview is no longer at a program likely to end in the student’s top 10. In this virtual season, such cancellations are recommended at least seven days in advance to allow programs time to offer the interview slot to another interested student. Students should cancel via an email with a professional tone and with gratitude for the opportunity.
  • More to come shortly on program signaling.

Additional Interview Day Prep

Below are resources for those students applying to Internal Medicine in the 2022-2023 cycle.

1) For more perspective on a career in Internal Medicine, take a look at this article from the Annals of Internal Medicine.

2) Presentation from an informational session about Applying in Internal Medicine, June 2, 2022

ERAS Tips with Craig and Sonia zoom session

Passcode: qTi*4kbB

ERAS Tips with Craig and Sonia 2022-2023 PDF


Things to submit this application cycle- due 8/23:

  • Draft of Meaningful experiences (Due at dept meeting with Sonia Ananthakrishnan)
  • CV (updated to reflect all activities as of August 2022)
  • Personal statement (workshop thru Student Affairs will happen in July/August)
  • Copy of ERAS and supplemental application (students are given ERAS access June 2022)
  • Medical school transcript (updated with all rotations up to August 19th, 2022)
  • List of Medicine based rotations that you will have completed as of Block 12 in 2022 (including SubI, MICU, Geri, Med 2 and any Medicine subspecialty electives). We may try to incorporate comments from these rotations in your Departmental Letter (as they become available, and IF they support your application).


Other Resources

Match Data 2018-2020

This is NRMP data on matching from 2018-2020. This data comes out every 2 years. Data for Internal Medicine residency is on pages 80-89.

ERAS Tool and Worksheets for Residency Applicants

Conducting Interviews During the Coronavirus Pandemic 

Navigating the 2021 Internal Medicine Match During the Time of COVID-19

This is a helpful link from the ACP. We recommend looking at the FAQs and watching the webinar.

AAMC Guide to ERAS Application