Ambulatory Medicine (formerly known as Med II)

Ambulatory Medicine is a clinical elective course for students during their fourth year of medical school. This rotation will focus on preparing students for their intern year of residency via student-led presentations, various advanced-level interactive didactic sessions, and invigorating clinical experiences. The clinical experiences will include both telemedicine as well as in-person clinic, reflective of real clinical practice. For the 4-week ambulatory medicine rotation, students will be assigned to one of the following sites:  Boston Medical Center, Jamaica Plain/West Roxbury VA, Bedford VA, Manchester VA, Neighborhood Health Centers, or Private Practices. The School is exploring additional possible clinical venues for training in Ambulatory Internal Medicine and may add new venues in the coming year.


Subinternships in Medicine: Integrated Acting Internship, Acting Internship, and MICU

The Department of Medicine offers 2 rigorous, inpatient sub-internship opportunities to hone your clinical skills while serving as the primary care provider with advanced patient care responsibilities, the Integrated Acting-Internship in Medicine and the Acting Internship in Medicine. These are alongside the MICU rotation, offered by the Pulmonary and Critical Care Department, which also counts as a sub-internship.