Medicine SubI- Integrated Acting Internship and the Acting Internship

The Sub-I in Medicine is designed to challenge and enhance the capacity of the student to work as an increasingly independent, highly competent, and compassionate caregiver and contributing team member. To achieve this goal, the acting intern will work as an advanced care provider under the direct supervision of a medicine ward resident and teaching attending, Students will assume increasing responsibility for the initial evaluation and management of assigned patients. The student is expected to combine medical knowledge with clinical and interpersonal skills in order to demonstrate independent thought and develop a plan of action. The student is expected to develop a balance between acting independently and acknowledging his/her limitations and seeking help as appropriate. Clinical work will be supplemented by conferences offered by the Department of Medicine.

There are 2 pathways of experience in the Acting Internship.

Pathway A (Integrated Acting Internship): Running throughout the year, the Pathway A experience provides a ward experience with 5 students per block. In this experience, students are integrated onto a typical ward team consisting of a resident and 2 interns. Students on the integrated team will have the opportunity to interface with 3rd year students on their Medicine clerkship.

Responsibilities of the Pathway A Integrated Acting Internship include:

  • Admitting patients to the team – you will likely start at one admission per day during several days of the week but should work toward admitting two patients regularly on long call days, and hopefully, three or more patients on one or more occasions.
  • Following a core of patients (on average 3-6 patients)
  • Providing patient care through the last Sunday of the rotation

Pathway B (Acting Internship): Only occurs from June to September. We have the capacity for 6 students to participate in this experience per block. You will be part of a team with a resident and two other acting interns and no interns.

Responsibilities of the Pathway B Acting Internship include:

  • Admitting patients to the team
  • Following a core of patients (team of 3 students covers on average 4-10 patients)
  • Taking overnight shifts 3-4 nights over the 4-week block (# of nights to be determined)
  • Providing patient care through the last Sunday of the rotation

After selecting a block for your Acting Internship in Medicine, you will be assigned to either Pathway A or Pathway B and be notified within ~4 weeks of the start of your block.


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