Picture 6-2

By the end of the two-week Internal Medicine Bootcamp elective, BUSM IV students will be able to:

  1. Identify, evaluate, and manage acute medical situations including hypoxia, altered mental status, hypertensive emergency, shock, and chest pain as observed by faculty in simulated medical scenarios (U,S).
  2. Interpret common diagnostic tests, such as EKGs and chest X-rays, during simulated medical scenarios (U,S).
  3. Describe and demonstrate the steps for performing common medical procedures, including central line placement, intravenous line placement, and arterial puncture as observed by faculty in simulated procedures (U,S).
  4. Discuss how to effectively and respectfully communicate with patients from different cultural backgrounds about end of life issues, decision making capacity, and bad news during small group discussions (B,C,A).
  5. Demonstrate techniques to communicate effectively and respectfully with a medical team from different cultural backgrounds when presenting a new patient, responding to pages, calling consults, handing off or discharging patients as observed during small group discussions and during simulated pages (B,C,A,S).
  6. Discuss strategies to balance responsibilities and wellness as interns through effective learning, time management, and organization during small group discussions (U,C,A,E).