GSI Research Symposium Recap 2020

The Annual GSI Research Symposium was successfully held virtually on November 14th, 2020.

There were 111 registrations and an average 56 concurrent viewers over the span of the webinar event.  The symposium began with a word from our sponsor, Illumina, with a Slide Presentation introducing the new NextSeq2000 system now here at the BUSM Microarray and Sequencing Resource (MSR).

After Dean Dr. Karen Antman kicked off the symposium with opening remarks, we had a fantastic set of talks from several new BU faculty working in the genetics and genomics fields in the first session.  There were then 16 superb lightning talks by graduate students and postdocs from the various basic research departments and graduate programs.  One of the talks was from one of our GPGG students, Gian Paolo Sepulvada. Congratulations Gian, we are proud to call you one of GPGG’s own!