Paola Divieti Pajevic, Associate Professor of Translational Dental (pdivieti at, David Felson, Professor of Rheumatology (David.Felson at, and LaDora Thompson, Professor, Department of Health Sciences, Programs in Human Physiology (lvthomp at



The mission of the Musculoskeletal Health (MHet) Affinity Research Center (ARC) is to bring together investigators across specialties and campuses (Med and CRC) to conduct multidisciplinary studies related to the musculoskeletal system. The MHet ARC will comprise investigators from BUSM, GSDM, BMC, Sargent and College of Engineering. The following aims are proposed: 1) Create a University-wide community of investigators interested in musculoskeletal conditions, 2) Generate pilot data using animal models and organ systems to support NIH proposals 3) train the next generation of researchers (pre and post-doctoral fellows) and 4) organize monthly meeting, seminars and an annual mini-symposium with invited speakers. The ARC will be co-directed by Drs. Divieti Pajevic, Felson and Thompson. Core members are Drs Gerstenfeld and Bragdon (project 1), Connizzo and Zhang (project 2), Bragdon (project 3) and Gerstenfeld and Tornetta (Aim2). The MHet will comprise numerous trainees and more than 20 faculty members committed to and interested in musculoskeletal research.

Seminar Series and Invited Speakers

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Name Title Institution Department Area of Expertise for this Project Contact Info
Elise Morgan Professor Eng Mechanical Engineering Bone Biomechanics efmorgan at
Manish Bais Assistant Professor BU/GSDM Translational Dental Medicine Preclinical model of osteo arthritis bmanish at
Michael Albro Assistant Professor Eng Mechanical Engineering Cartilage and extracellular matrix albro at
Deepak Kumar Assistant Professor Sargent Physical Therapy Movement and Applied imaging kumard at
Cara Lewis Associate Professor Sargent Physical Therapy Human motor adaptation Lewisc at
Mike LaValley Professor BUSPH Biostatistics Osteo-arthritis mlava at
Morone Natalia Associate professor BMC Medicine Chronic low back pain natalia.morone at
Eric Roseen Assistant Professor BMC Family Medicine Musculoskeletal conditions Eric.Roseen at
Malaban Alan Associate Professor BUSM/BMC Endocrinology Bone disorders malaplan at
Yun Ma Assistant Professor BU/GSDM Periodontology Periodontal disorders yunma at
Ayesha Abdeen Assistant Professor BUSM/BMC Orthopedic Surgery Hip and Knee arthroplasty Ayesha.Abdeen at


Michael Kain Assistant Professor BUSM/BMC Orthopedic Surgery Hip and Knee arthroplasty mshkain at
Mary Shannon Fisher Associate Professor BUSM Pharmacology, Physiology and Biophysics Craniofacial development shanfish at
Jean Liew Assistant Professor BUSM Rheumatology Knee osteoarthritis jwliew at
Reza Jafarzadeh Assistant Professor BUSM Medicine srjafarz at
Andrew Henry Assistant Professor BMC Oral and Maxillofacial Temporo-mandibular Joint Andrew.Henry at
Fracisco Naya Associate Professor CAS Biology Skeletal muscle fnaya at
Kathy Bacon Assistant Professor BUSM Medicine Osteo-arthritis kbacon at