Initiatives ’09-’10

Overview: The goal of the Evans Center is to enhance interdisciplinary research via ARCs and Research Forums, which could also aid in developing new NIH-funded Programs and Research Centers. Nanomedicine Initiative funded in June 2010: A collaboration between the Nanoscience Center (at the time, under the direction of Dr. Bennet Goldberg), renamed in... More

Seminars 2004 – 2013

Monthly seminars are held by ARCs, open to the department and school at large (listed in the school's calendar) Evans Center - Biochemistry Thematic Seminars The Evans Center in the Department of Medicine and Department of Biochemistry are sponsoring joint a thematic seminar series.  The purpose of the series is to... More

Environmental Toxicants Initiative

It is with enthusiasm that we are exploring the potential for a university-wide program in Environmental Toxicants. The format of today’s talks will be 5 -7 -minute presentations by the leadership team of this initiative, each in their area of expertise, with a vision for how to fit within the... More