Environmental Toxicants Initiative

It is with enthusiasm that we are exploring the potential for a university-wide program in Environmental Toxicants. The format of today’s talks will be 5 -7 -minute presentations by the leadership team of this initiative, each in their area of expertise, with a vision for how to fit within the context of the larger Initiative and what resources/equipment/teams are needed. Thank you for joining us today and we welcome your participation and feedback!

Contacts: David Sherr, Stefano Monti, Robin MacDonald (admin)

Initiative leadership team

Welcome and Introduction

Dr. David L. Coleman, Welcome
Dr. Stefano Monti, Introduction to the Environmental
Toxicants Initiative and to today’s meeting
Dr. David Sherr, “The AHR as a Novel Immune Checkpoint
Regulator Influenced by Environmental AHR Ligands”

Biomedicine focus

Dr. Laurence Beck, “Do environmental toxins trigger
autoimmunity in membranous nephropathy?”
Dr. Jennifer Schlezinger, “Environmental PPAR Ligands:
What are they doing to our bone and metabolic health?”

Break (2:15pm)

Dr. Tom Webster, Focus question: Do PFAS cause increased
LDL cholesterol in humans and if so, why?
Dr. Jonathan Levy, “Air pollution exposures and health
effects among vulnerable populations”
Dr. Jessica Fetterman / Dr. Naomi Hamburg,
“Cardiovascular Toxicity of Novel Tobacco Products”

Ecology focus

Dr. John Finnerty / Dr. Les Kaufman, “Coastal Marine
Organisms as Useful Indicators and Important Victims of
Environmental Toxicants”
Dr. Andrew Wilson, “Patient iPSC-derived lung
epithelium to model cigarette smoke-induced lung injury”
Dr. Pamela Templer, “Role of Trees and Soil Microbes in
Decreasing Environmental Toxicants”