Supriya Sharma

Supriya SharmaPh.D. Candidate, Molecular and Translational Medicine, BUSM
Johnson Lab


B.S. Biological Sciences, RSU University India, 2006
M.S., Medical Biotechnology, J.N.M. Medical College, RSU University India, 2008

Research Interest

Integrative analysis of complex multi-omic genomic and epigenomic maps across multiple platforms. Recent efforts in large-scale data generation projects have attempted to produce genomic and epigenomic maps of multiple reference and cancer tissues (Epigenomic Roadmap, ENCODE, IHEC, TCGA). These multiple ‘-omic’ profiles can be used to understand tissue-specific regulation in normal tissues, as well as identify regions of dysregulation that lead to disease. Combining data from these multiple profiles can provide a more complete look at the biological activity that regulates cell function, and provide additional insight that could not be obtained using the individual profiles alone. In this research, we will develop and demonstrate a comprehensive and coordinated framework for data standardization across tissue types, profiling platforms, and for the integration of data from multiple large-data generating consortiums. This work will provide an invaluable resource that works seamlessly for downloading, processing, and standardizing genomic and epigenomic data across multiple public resources.  This will provide easier data access and standardization, and leading to greater productivity for biomedical researchers in this field.