Ehab Billatos, M.D.

Assistant Professor of Medicine


B.S. Microbiology, University of Texas, Austin, Texas – 2006
M.D., University of Texas Health Sciences Center, San Antonio, Texas – 2010
Internal Medicine Residency, University of Texas Southwestern, Dallas, Texas – 2013
Pulmonary Critical Care Fellowship, Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts – 2016
Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, Pulmonary Center, Boston University Medical Center, Boston, MA 2016 – 2017

Contact Information

Office: E611
Phone: 617-358-7039

Research Interests

Dr. Billatos is an assistant professor of medicine with a focus in the early detection of lung cancer. He is the Principal Investigator for the DECAMP consortium (Detection of Early Cancer Among Military Personnel) which aims to improve the early diagnosis of lung cancer in veterans via biomarker validation and development. This project serves as a biorepository of specimens and data unparalleled in contemporary pulmonary medical research. Dr. Billatos has also leveraged the DECAMP cohort to study other smoking-related lung diseases enriched for in this patient population. Among the conditions explored in this cohort are Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Bronchiectasis, mucus plugging, and also Covid-19.

Finally, Dr. Billatos is also a practicing pulmonologist with an active practice evaluating patients with indeterminate pulmonary nodules identified via the BMC lung cancer screening program. He is an expert in advanced bronchoscopy including endobronchial ultrasound and robot-assisted navigational bronchoscopy.


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